Winter Craft Projects for Kids

If you and your kids love crafts as much as we do then you are going to love some of the Winter Craft Projects for Kids here.

There are plenty of winter craft projects that you and your whole family can do this winter season. These crafts are a great way to spend afternoons and relax from all the hustle and bustle that the Christmas holidays bring.

They also make wonderful activities for Christmas parties and family get togethers. Below are some awesome winter craft projects that’ll keep you busy and entertained through your winter break.

Our Favorite Winter and Holiday Craft Ideas Pack for Kids

This kit has everything you need to keep your kids busy with crafts all winter long. It has dozens of fun and easy-to-do projects that they’ll be proud to show off to the whole family.

Included in this kit are 28 simple origami projects with 48 sheets of genuine origami paper, 60 paper snowflake patterns, over 100 ready-to-color stained glass paper ornaments, a Full-Color Decorative Christmas Illustrations CD-ROM featuring 362 amazing designs for all of your holiday projects, and crayons.

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Winter Craft Ideas for Kids

Winter time is one of the best times of the year for children because there’s no school, no homework, and no waking up early every day.

But the days leading up to Christmas can be a bit boring and drawn out at times. This is especially true if kids have nothing better to do then to sit around the house all day long while mom and dad run around like headless chickens shopping, decorating, hanging lights, wrapping gifts, and other holiday preparations.

If you don’t want to see your kids sulking in boredom this winter then winter crafts are a great solution.

Here are a few winter craft ideas for kids that’ll keep them occupied and entertained while everyone else is wrapped up in their holiday to-do lists.

Bucilla Sugar Plum Fairy Stocking Felt Appliqué Kit, 18-Inches Long

You’ve never seen a Christmas stocking as elaborate and beautiful as this. The sugar plum fairy stocking felt appliqué kit lets you create your very own handcrafted stocking. The kit includes an 18 inch long stocking, stamped felt, embroidery floss, decorative beads, candy cane accents, a felt hanging loop, assorted sequins, and an embroidery needle.

There’s also easy-to-follow instructions that’ll show you step by step how to put together your sugar plum fairy stocking.

3-D Shrinky Dinks Christmas

You can make your own winter wonderland scene with this Shrinky Dinks Christmas craft kit. Each kit comes complete with ten 5 by 8 inch sheets of amazing shrinking plastic, baking instructions and a double sided tracing sheet. All you have to do is trace the drawings, cut them out, bake them, and then assemble them into fun 3D winter scenes. It sure does beat playing with mom’s breakable nativity scene set.

ALEX® Toys – Craft Cool Yule Jewelry 396X

Are you thinking about something cool and unique to give your best friend, sister or favorite cousin for Christmas? Look no further than Shrinky Dinks jewelry. This craft kits comes with everything you need to make holiday earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and a brooch.

Included in this are 30 precut Shrinky Dinks, 8 colored pencils, beads, chain bracelet, 6 earring hooks, a brooch pin, 25 jewelry findings, 2 rings, satin, a stretchy loop, jewelry holder, elastic cord, beading needle and easy instructions.

Which of these Winter Craft Projects for Kids is your favorite?

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