Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

Weddings are beautiful and extraordinary celebrations filled with flowers, decorations, exquisite venues and gorgeous people for one reason and one reason only and that is because someone, amateur or professional, will be immortalizing the entire event on their camera and in print which is why everything has to look picture perfect or at the very least camera-worthy.

Think about it, if wedding pictures weren’t going to be shared amongst family, friends and even strangers then the bride would probably wear her house clothes and not even bother with hair and make-up. And the groom would most likely be barefoot and in a bathrobe (OK, not really but you get the point).

Plus, brides and grooms want to do what they can to make the day as special as possible and memorable for all parties involved. In addition to wedding albums, scrapbooks are another way couples can display their photos. Scrapbooks also allow newlyweds to show the more intimate, candid and crazy moments of their wedding day that they’d like to cherish. Here are some wonderful wedding scrapbook ideas that will help you to share those unforgettable moments in a fun and creative way.

An Open Invitation

Tell a story with your scrapbook and begin the pages with a copy of your actual invitation. You can also include other paper memorabilia such as your wedding announcement, RSVP cards, maps to your venues, and even your ceremony program. This will make it seem like you’re inviting the viewers to come to your wedding, even if they didn’t personally attend the celebration.

Before We Met We Were Already Meant to Be

A great prelude to all the wedding photos would be a picture of the bride and groom before they met. Show a collage of photos that include baby pictures of the couple to elementary aged photos, the high school years, college pictures and early photos of the courtship. In a way, it’s like telling a story of how it all began.

The Proposal

Without the proposal there wouldn’t be a wedding, so it only makes sense to include it in your wedding album. If you didn’t have anyone take pictures of the joyous occasion then you can also use engagement photos or a beautiful picture of the engagement ring on your hand with a side story of how he (or she) proposed.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Aside from the bride, the groom and the wedding party, many photographers like to also take pictures of details and inanimate objects like the bouquet, rings, table settings, and the like. Set the stage and ambiance for your wedding scrapbook with these featured photos. You can also use these photographs as accents, borders and embellishments for other pages that include pictures of the bridal party.

Something Blue, Borrowed, Old and New

This would be a great theme to have throughout your album. And it doesn’t necessarily have to apply to objects either. You’re something blue could be a crying face your mom was making during the ceremony (even though she’s not really “blue”), something borrowed can be an image of the reception hall you’re renting, something old can be a picture with your sweet grandma and something new could be a loving photo of the newlyweds. Be creative and think outside of the box.

Put these wedding scrapbook ideas to good use and create a wonderful memory of your Wedding Day!

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  1. Currently I am working on our Wedding, only it happened 45 years ago! We had a 40th anniversary party prompted a scrapbook, then I decided to use the professional photos of the wedding for a much more creative look. Loving it, we had a wonderful wedding, I’m enjoying all the memories as I work!

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