Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

If you are looking for some Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers then the following selection should keep them entertained and enjoying themselves.

Yes Thanksgiving is almost here and your little ones will want to help out when it comes to preparing for the upcoming celebrations. Keep them busy with these Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers that’ll have them making cute holiday themed items that they’ll be proud to show off to the entire family.

You might even want to use some of their creations as decorations for the home or accents for the table setting. Check out some of the following craft ideas below for fun and easy projects you and your toddler can do together.

Paper Plate Pilgrims

If you’ve got some left over paper plates lying around from a previous party or latest get together, then put those plates to some good use with this fun pilgrim craft. For this craft you need construction paper, paper plates, glue, scissors and crayons. Use two paper plates for the pilgrim man and pilgrim woman’s heads. Then cut up other paper plates into various shapes to form the bonnet, the pilgrim’s hat and their collars.

Pinecone Turkeys

Around this time, there should be plenty of pinecones lying around on the ground or barely hanging onto trees just waiting for you to come and pick them up so that you can make these awesome pinecone turkeys. They make wonderful decorations for around the house and you can even use them as table accents for your Thanksgiving meals. To put these turkeys together you’ll need a couple of pinecones in varying sizes, an assortment of feathers in fall colors, googley eyes, and orange felt for the beak. Use a hot glue gun to assemble everything together.

Paper Indian Headband

Play the part of Indians this Thanksgiving with these paper Indian headbands that you can make at home. Use a strip of poster board for the base of the headband for extra durability and so it doesn’t tear easily while you’re out “hunting and gathering”. Cut out feathers from colored construction paper as well as other shapes like diamonds and circles to decorate your headband with. Attach a string of yarn embellished with long elbow macaroni and feathers for an extra fancy headdress that’s fit for a chief.

Thanksgiving Fabric Wreath

This Thanksgiving craft is so easy to make, but the result of the project will have you thinking otherwise. All you need are several strips of fabric in fall themed patterns and colors, an embroidery hoop or a Styrofoam ring to which you’ll strategically place the fabric strips on, and some ribbon for hanging on your doors. Your family and friends will be really impressed at how you accomplished this seemingly complicated task, but don’t tell them your secret.

Pumpkins and Acorns Hat

This year, let your pumpkins make more of an appearance off the porch and out of pies with this pumpkin and acorn hat. It’s cute, it’s silly and it’s perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. Gather together your brown, tan and orange construction paper, markers, scissors and glue and cut out patterns of pumpkins as well as acorns for accents. Glue everything onto a strip of construction paper that’s been measured to fit the top of your head. You’ll really look festive and fashionable at the same time.

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