Thanksgiving Craft Kits and Supplies

There’s only one way a day filled with Turkey, pies and family can get even better and that’s with Thanksgiving crafts. This year don’t forget to include Thanksgiving craft kits and supplies to your list when heading out to the store. These fun activities will really add to your family bonding time and you’ll have another thing to be thankful for.

Check out some of the items below for some great ideas on different types of crafts you and your family can do together.

Amscan – Turkey Craft Kit

We all know that just one turkey on Thanksgiving Day is not enough which is why this turkey craft kit from Amscan comes with 24. Included in the kit are 24 foam turkeys, 216 foam embellishment stickers, 24 googley eyes and 2 glitter glue pens to add some extra pizzazz to each one of your crafted turkeys. There are enough gobblers to go around and maybe even seconds.

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Expressions Vinyl – Thanksgiving Pack

Think of all the fun things you can come make with vinyl? Everything from wall decals to placemats, cut outs and everything in between can be made from them. This set of Thanksgiving Pack high gloss vinyl includes six 12 by 24 inch sheets of vinyl that comes in an assortment of fall themed colors such as burgundy, dark red, signal yellow, brown, nut brown and light brown. The back of each vinyl features a solvent based adhesive with a protective liner. The adhesives can last up to 5 years outdoors, so if you’re the type who leaves seasonal decorations out for long periods of time then this is definitely for you.

Karen Foster Design, Clear Stamp Set, Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t like stamps? They’re instant images and labels on the back of a wood block. Decorating your crafts, cards, scrapbooks and the like doesn’t get any easier than when you’re using stamps. This clear stamp set from Karen Foster features accurate imaging with see-thru acrylic, and a Thanksgiving theme that includes images like a pumpkin, a pilgrim’s hat, leaves, a turkey, an acorn, and several words revolving around the holiday.

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Which of these Thanksgiving Craft Kits and Supplies will you be buying for your craft projects?


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