Simple Crafts for Seniors

If you are looking for some simple crafts for seniors that are easy to make at home then you are going to love the ideas here.

You can never be too old to do crafts because the fountain of creativity flows more abundant with each passing year; and this is one fountain that’s never going to dry up. Seniors everywhere are still delving into the arts and while a few projects may be considered too involved or complicated there are several fun and simple crafts that seniors will enjoy doing on their spare time.

Below are just a few great ideas for simple crafts that can be created just by using everyday objects you usually find in and around the home.

Waxed Dipped Candles

Who knew you could decorate a wax candle with more wax? The idea is so simple it makes you just want to kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner. Now those bland white candles can finally get some color and much needed upgrade.

So whip out that Crockpot of yours and borrow (steal) some of your grandchildren’s crayons for this awesome project. Melt any color combination you want and simply dip the bottoms, sides or tops of the candles as many times as needed until you get the desired results.

Fabric Wall Canvas

Here’s a fast and easy way to add art and décor to your bare walls. All you need are some choice fabric with interesting designs and complimentary colors, Styrofoam boards, and double-sided tape.

Simply wrap the Styrofoam boards with the fabric, making sure that the displayed side is completely smooth and all the folds are at the back. Because they’re lightweight you can hang them on your wall just by using some double sided tape. No hammers, no nails and no holes in the wall.

Leaf Stencils

This craft involves a little nature walk in your yard, or around the neighborhood, or even the park. And you’re not just strolling for the sake of exercise but you’re actually on the lookout for leaves.

Any type of plant leaf will do for this project as long as it’s not dried out or dead, so that means this craft is best done during the spring and summer seasons when leaves are bright and green. Take some paper, paper towels, your leaves and a hammer and create beautifully intricate leaf stencils. These are wonderful embellishments for scrapbook pages, letterheads, cards, and the like.

Button Collage

Have you ever thought about what you could do with all those buttons you’ve saved from previous years? Well, if you don’t have any shirts you can sew them on to or all your trousers are in tack then consider creating a beautiful button collage.

You’d be amazed at all the wonderful images you can make with buttons especially if they’re color coordinated. Add to your button collection with more buttons from the store if you don’t think you have enough. Place your button artwork in a shallow tray or shadow box and seal the entire collage with epoxy so it can hold its form forever and you can hang it up on your wall for all to see.

Cloth Banners

Are you handy with a needle and a thread or better yet, do you have a sewing machine that hasn’t seen any action in a couple of years? If so then this craft is for you. Whether you’re decorating for a party, holiday or just to pretty up your space, these cloth banners will do the trick.

All you need are some scrap cloth fabrics from old sheets, shirts and other linens and some type of string. Cut and sew the fabrics into pennants and banners and string them through yarn or twine to make a simple DIY wall or ceiling décor.

Looking for more Easy Crafts for Seniors – then take a look at the following great resource:

Which of these Simple Crafts for Seniors will you be trying?

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