Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Are you looking for different ways your children can spend an afternoon when they’re not playing outside, sitting in front of the TV Arts and Crafts Projects for Kidsor taking a nap?

How about arts and crafts projects for kids? Below are some really unique and fun kits that will bring out your children’s artistic side.

These are activities that will definitely stimulate your children’s minds as well as nurture their creative abilities.

Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids for Rainy Days

4M Paper Recycling

Learn to make your own paper for crafts and other purposes with this paper recycling kit. You’ll have hands-on experience with the process of making paper from recycled materials; you can use that paper to make greeting cards, bookmarks, and other paper crafts. The kit comes with a 6 by 8 inch mold and deckle along with supplies for decorating and creating different patterns and textures. Your children will have a blast learning about recycling and the many great things that can come from it, like paper!

4M Paper Recycling 4M Paper Recycling
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Seedling Design Your Own Super Hero Cape

What kid wouldn’t want to become a superhero, especially when they can design their own super hero cape? This kit comes with a plain superhero cape, craft glue and brush, felt sheets and shapes, eva sheets and stars, scissors, design page, glitter glue, and colored pencils. And if you need some assistance in design, it also comes with tips and idea suggestions. When you’re a superhero, looking the part is as important as acting the part and this super hero cape kit will definitely give them the look they need to play a convincing roll.

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Alex My Wooden Flower Press – 7″ X 7″

Pressing flowers is a great way to preserve their beauty and you can also incorporate the pressed flowers into crafts like scrapbooks, greetings cards or letters. This kit lets you create and decorate your very own flower press. And once the press if complete, all you have to do is collect various flowers, small plants and leaves that you want to press. Also included in the kit are several patterned and textured paper, along with hemp, paint, a paintbrush and wood bead decorations for making pressed flower crafts.



Kaleidoscope Making Kit

Make the world a more beautiful place by looking through the lens of a kaleidoscope. This kit has everything you need to make your very own working kaleidoscope. It features 1 paper cone, 1 holographic foil, 1 set chamber with removable covers, 3 safety mirrors, 4 bags of trinkets including glow, color, clear transparent, and holographic, 3 color filters, 1 eye piece cover, 1 card strip, double adhesive tapes, and detailed instructions on how to assemble the kaleidoscope. Also included are fun facts and ideas for different design variations.

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4M Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

When it comes to presenting your lost tooth to the tooth fairy, there are many ways to go about it. You can put them under the pillow one at a time as they fall out or you can save all of them in a cute little keepsake box and give them to the tooth fairy all at once. This kit lets you make and decorate a keepsake box for your teeth. It also includes a little certificate where you can write your name and the date the tooth fell out. The kit comes with two bags of plaster, a tooth fairy mold set, 5 paint pots and one paint brush.





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