Are you looking for simple crafting ideas that you can easily get to grips with. Our aim at CraftyMates is to guide you through simple crafts and help you grow in confidence and take on more complex projects as your confidence and experience grows.

If you want to be a Crafter then you are going to find so much to enjoy over the coming months. Let’s start with some ideas that you can do right now!

Simple Crafting Ideas To Make Right Now!

You’ve probably seen several amazing craft projects online and on popular DIY sites all over the web and are itching to try one or even all of them, but are a bit intimidated at the assumingly complicated process. Have no fear, simple crafts are here to save the day.

It’s OK if your artistic skills are on the same level as that of a kindergartner’s or you’ve never done a DIY craft in your life. These simple crafting ideas will help you get over your apprehensions and dive full force into the craft world, ensuring nothing but creative success. You might even be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to be crafty and maybe even post your final results online for all too see.

Burlap Bulletin Boards

Give your old corkboard a much needed upgrade with some burlap and tacks. This project is so easy you’ll be done in just minutes and will be able to enjoy the rest of the day marveling at your creative genius over a cup of coffee. Now you can have a more attractive backdrop for your photos and all those random sticky note and to-do lists you’re always writing out. Burlap bulletin boards, just do it.

Wooden Stick Candles Holders

Candles are simple joys that give light and a pleasing aroma to any room. Add a rustic charm to your candles by creating wooden stick candle holders. Take a clear votive, several sticks in sizes as close to one another as possible, and a tea candle. Get your hot glue gun and begin gluing the sticks all around the votive until you have the entire outside surface covered. Make necessary height adjustments to the sticks to make them all even and place your candle inside. You’re done!

Instant Vase Fillers

There’s nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning. And now you can make coffee look just as good as they smell. For elegant, chic vase fillers don’t use marbles or boring pebbles. Instead, reach for that bag of un-ground coffee beans and spray paint them with any metallic colored paint. You’ll have instant vase fillers, literally.

Pebbly Trivets

Trivets are very practical and are found in many kitchens. But unfortunately some of them aren’t effective in protecting surfaces from hot pots and kettles. If you want to make your own trivet that’s functional and creative at the same time then opt for these pebbly trivets. Finally, you can put your pebble collection to good use. All you need now is some felt cut up in sizable circles and a glue gun. Place the pebbles all over one side of the felt and you’ve got yourself a pebbly trivet in just minutes.

Painted Mason Jars

There are so many things you can do with a painted mason jar. You can use them as flower vases, candle holders or any other type of home décor. If you’ve got a few mason jars lying around that need a purpose in life then this next craft project is your answer. With your choice of paint color, pour some paint into a mason jar; a little less than a third of the jar. Then swirl the paint around until it covers the entire interior. Pour the excess out and set to dry. Now how easy was that?

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