September Crafts for Kids To Make

September is a very special time of the year for children. The leaves are changing colors, the weather is getting cooler, the holidays are right around the corner and it marks the beginning of school for many kids. Here are some September crafts for kids that will keep them occupied and have them enjoy all the different things September is so popular for.

The Paper Bag Scarecrow

With fall almost around the corner and Halloween next month, the scarecrow makes a great crafting idea for kids because not only is it easy to make, he is adorable. All that is needed to complete this craft is a simple brown paper bag, newspaper, colored construction paper. black marker, glue, stapler and scissors. You simply stuff the bag with crumpled newspaper, staple the bag shut and then cut out hats, eyes, just about any type of face will do. Kids can draw the face on or even glue on some googly eyes for a real funny looking scarecrow.

Acorn Owls

These little owls are simply made from the fallen acorns that soon will be littering the ground all over the country. These little cuties are perfect for kids of any age and the set up is extremely simple. You simply need a bunch of acorns, felt scraps or colored paper, glue and scissors. All that is needed to make these adorable little owls is to cut out eyes, beak and wings from the felt or construction paper. Simply glue the body parts onto acorn. You can cut out a tree branch from the felt so the owls have a place to sit. You are done!

The Thankful Tree

This is not only a great craft idea, but a way to inspire kids to be grateful for a long time after the craft has been completed. You simply need a long piece of butcher paper in brown, color construction paper and painters tape. Cut out a tree and branches out of the butcher paper and then tape the bare tree to the wall.

Create as many different color leaves as you like and tape them with painters tape all along the base of the tree. Roll the tape in a loop and place on the back of the leaf, then stick to the paper. The idea here is everyday a child will take a leaf, write something they are grateful for and place the leaf back on the tree branches. By the end of September your thankful tree will be full of colorful branches.

Egg Carton School Bus

Yes it may be back to school time for the kids but that doesn’t mean it has to be a sad time. This cool school bus crafting idea will keep the kids entertained and give them something to be excited about concerning back to school. The only materials needed for this craft are an egg carton, some yellow paint or markers, black construction paper for wheels, you could substitute 2 lids from milk jugs instead, black marker and if you want pictures of kids in the windows cutouts of kids from magazines.

Begin by cutting off the lid of the egg carton and then painting it yellow. Cut two circles from the black paper for wheels or use the milk lids and color them black. Cut out some kids from the magazines or have your child draw some cute children on paper and cut them out. Glue the wheels on the bus. The holes in the lid act as windows, so glue the kids there. Your school bus is ready to go.

Grandparents Day Dishcloth

This month we celebrate grandparents day, and giving them a keepsake of their grandchildren is something that can and will be cherished for a lifetime. We will be creating a personalized dishcloth with the child’s hand print. The only supplies needed are a solid color dishcloth, fabric paint, trays for holding paint, paintbrushes and a child’s hand or foot.

Using the paintbrush the child will either paint their hand or foot and make an impression onto the dishcloth. If the cloth is going to be dark use a light paint and vice versa. Take the paintbrush and write the child’s name and date in the corner. Allow the fabric paint to set and follow the directions on the container for when the item is washed for the first time.

Once it is washed properly this keepsake will give the grandparent years of joy when they are in the kitchen cleaning the dishes.

Which of these September Crafts for Kids are you and your kids going to try first?

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