Reuse Your Old Christmas Cards

Do your bit for the environment by recycling your old Christmas Cards, and save money; this article will show you X different way how to reuse your old Christmas cards. Some are obvious, others are more creative. You may even come up with your own ideas too!

If you make your own cards, you can cut out the pictures on the front of your old cards, and reuse them on the front of your new cards.

The most obvious way to recycle old Christmas cards, is to use a pair of pinking sheers to cut out the pictures, punch with a hole punch, and use as gift tags for next year’s presents.

Buy plain candle jars, or use small glass jars, cut and stick strips from your old cards around the jar to create your own Christmas candle votive designs. Reflective card is best for this. An alternative to cutting strips of card is to cut out small shapes from the cards.

Buy a plain picture frame from your local dollar or pound store, and then glue squares of the Christmas card pictures on the frame. Once covered, varnish the complete frame, and use as a decorative Christmas frame.

Large Christmas cards make great jigsaw puzzles for children. Make them durable by laminating the card first. Draw some curve-y lines horizontally and vertically on the card, and cut out. Keep all the pieces together by storing them in a shoe box when not in use. For a harder challenge, repeat with several different Christmas cards, so the game is to build each picture and figure out which jigsaw piece belongs to which picture.

Make an easy garland by cutting out shapes of Christmas card pictures, and making a hole either side of the piece with a hole punch. Thread along a piece of ribbon and place around your tree or around your home.

Make some unique Christmas decorations for your tree by cutting out three squares from three various cards. Each square must be identical in size. Fold each piece in half vertically. Glue along one half of the back of one piece of card, and place half of another piece on top of this, glue along the unglued other half of this card and place half of the other card to it.

Take a piece of ribbon or floss and tie in a loop which is longer than the length of the squares, and attach it to the side of the decoration, before gluing the last two half squares together. Leave overnight to dry, and then hang on your tree the next day. Depending on which angle you look at your decoration, you sill see a different Christmas scene.

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