Rainy Day Crafts for Kids

Don’t let a rainy day rain on your parade of indoor fun. Fortunately for kids and families, there are several rainy day crafts for kids that everyone can partake in. These crafts range from scrumptious to slimy and everything in between. You’ll even learn how you can bring some good ole’ outdoor fun right into your hallways.

Check out and see which of these fun crafts you’d like to add to your rainy day arsenal; attempt one or attempt them all.

Popcorn Art

So once you’ve finished watching a movie for the day, you see that you have some left over popcorn in the bowl which is just what you need to create delicious looking popcorn art. In addition to the popcorn you’ll also need some construction paper, markers or paint and glue. Discover all the many different elements popcorn can represent in your artwork. You can use them as leave on a tree, clouds in a blue sky, or maybe even draw a kid eating some popcorn. The possibilities are endless, and yummy!

Rock Buddies

Did you know you can still make new friends on rainy days? Really! You can literally make new friends and all you need are some good sized rocks, paint, and a black marker with a pointed tip. This is a fun activity because it’s easy to do. The more rocks you have to paint, the more friends you’ll make. Now that’s what you call a win-win situation.

Hallway Hopscotch

The joy of hopping from one numbered square to the other doesn’t have to cease just because it’s pouring rain outside. If your floors are made from a smooth hard surface such as tiles or hardwoods and not carpeted, then you can recreate a hopscotch game with electric tape. Electric tape comes in all sorts of fun bright colors like blue, green, red and yellow in addition to the traditional black. You can also use them to make abstract art, pathways leading to “buried treasure” or a giant board game on your floor. They’re easy to work with and peel away without leaving marks.

Pinwheel Garland

Need to add some color to your walls, or maybe you have an upcoming party or celebration and are in need of some whimsical decorations. If so then this next craft project is perfect for your kids. Making pinwheel garlands are so much fun and very easy to do. All you need are cardstock paper in several colors, miniature clothespin and yarn or twine. If you don’t know how to make pinwheels then a simple search online will provide you with plenty of easy to follow tutorials and guides that your kids can use.

DIY Slime

This is when crafts can get a little messy and slimy but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any less fun for you and the kids to do. If anything, it’s even more entertaining and your kids will probably continue to play with the final product for many hours after. Some of the important items you’ll need are things like a highlighter, glue gel, and Borax.

Many of the materials you’ll be using can easily be found around the house, e.g. mixing bowls, a jar with lid, plastic container and needle nose pliers. This activity combines science with the creativity of crafts and teaches your children how to make homemade slime and who doesn’t like slime?

One of My Favorite Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

My Very Own House – Pirate Ship

It’s Raining and That’s The Perfect Time To Sail The Seven Seas and Stay Dry!
This pirate ship is a hoot in so many ways. First of all, it’s large enough for 2-4 children to play with, the ship easily folds up and down for set up and storage, and there are so many activities that will keep your little pirates busy from noon till night. The ship is made from sturdy biodegradable and recyclable materials.

It has highly detailed illustrations on all sides of the ship and comes with 2 swords, a detachable steering wheel, a removable pirate flag, and a functional door. You also get 8 jumbo washable markers that you can use to color all parts of the pirate ship and its accessories.

Your kids will be so busy sailing, pirating and coloring they won’t even notice the rain.


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