Pipe Cleaner Christmas Crafts

Who would’ve ever thought that pipe cleaners could be used for more creative purposes aside from just cleaning pipes? Well, Pipe Cleaner Christmas Craftssomeone long ago saw their potential and that’s why we now have dozens of pipe cleaner Christmas crafts to explore and keep us busy throughout the holidays. Check out some of the neat crafts you can make with pipe cleaners this Christmas.


There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of poinsettias during the Christmas season. Some are real, some are fake, and many will be potted while others are integrated into holiday garlands and wreaths. There are also those made from fuzzy, flexible pipe cleaners and incorporated into decorations, gift tags, ornaments and many more. These flowers are big, red and beautiful and make the perfect accent to any craft or project.

Christmas Trees

You’ll love how easy making Christmas trees from pipe cleaners are. Basically, if you can twirl your hair around your fingers or wrap a cord around your hand, then you can make these trees no problem. Their coiled form creates the perfect wide base for standing them up straight. Use different shades of green pipe cleaners for added depth and more visual appeal. And if you want it to be more trimmed and decorated, insert different colored beads into it so your Christmas trees will look as if they have ornaments on them.

Jingle Bell Bracelet

Craft projects that you can wear are especially fun and this jingle bell bracelet made from red, green, and white pipe cleaners will go with any holiday ensemble. It also includes bead detailing and mini jingle bells so your hands can ring a tune every time you throw them up in the air, clap, wave or make any kind of hand movements at all. They also make great gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and family.


While these well dressed creatures usually reside in the poles, you can have them make an appearance at your home with pipe cleaner penguins. They’re just as fuzzy, well dressed and adorable as the real ones (if not more). Make an entire colony of penguins and place them throughout different locations of your home for a fun and quirky decorations.

Santa Claus

“You better watch out, you better not cry” because Santa is coming to town and he might already be in your house. This tiny Clause is a great project to do and it incorporates other materials such as wood balls and paint for more facial details. He’s also seen carrying a tiny Christmas tree for those who don’t already have one up. You can’t help, but smile when you finish crafting together this pipe cleaner Santa Claus.

Snowflake Decoration

Unlike making a perfect cheese soufflé, a pipe cleaner snowflake is a piece of cake. It’ll only take a few minutes and the end results are great for decorating the front of gift tags, greeting cards, artwork and more. Tie a string at one of the ends and they instantly become Christmas tree ornaments. If you’re background is dark then make your snowflakes out of white, gold or silver pipe cleaners so they really stand out.

Of course if you are creating some pipe cleaner Christmas crafts then you are going to need some pipe cleaners!  Take a look at the following great options:

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