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Every passionate craft enthusiast knows that you can never have too many supplies, books, and tools. Unfortunately, with only a finite amount of workspace in which to enjoy your crafting pursuits it easy for your materials to become cluttered and disorganized.

Whether you enjoy sowing, jewelry making, sculpting, or scrapbooking, here are just a few inspiring reasons to keep your craft space neat and tidy:

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

  • As an artist, you are inspired by the things that surround you. Unfortunately, piles of tangled thread or jumbled brushes do little to foster calmness and creativity. When your supplies get too messy, your projects can begin to suffer.
  • In order to keep your space both functional and enjoyable, it is a good idea to organize craft supplies into stylish boxes, cabinets, and shelves. Clear containers and display cases are can even help to clear creative block. By proudly displaying all of the materials you have to work with, you will be able to visualize future projects with ease and inspiration.

Maximize The Time You Have

  • Creating beautiful craft pieces takes time and effort, and for those with a busy lifestyle filled with work or family commitments, every minute counts. When crafting you want to spend as much time as possible putting your skills into action and as little as you can searching through disorganized piles of paper or unknotting wool. By carefully sorting and labeling craft supplies, you can make sure that you find everything you need quickly and efficiently.
  • If you have only a small selection of equipment, then a simple shelving unit is perfect for storing everything you need in one place. If you have a larger crafting room or area however, separating your space into a number of different zones will allow you to maximize efficiency.
  • When laying out your space, consider grouping all the relevant materials for each function into their own separate area. Many people find it useful to have their workbench set up for their current projects as well as all of their daily essentials, such as glue, scissors, and a sketchpad. Others set aside a knitting zone with wool, needles, and patterns all carefully sorted into colors and sizes for complete ease of use. A painting zone with brushes, paper, pencils, and pallets is also a good idea as these materials often drip onto other delicate supplies.

Save Yourself Money

  • When supplies are scattered all over a room, or all around your house, it can be a nightmare to track down essential pieces of kit when you need them. Buying equipment that you already have because your original set has become lost or damaged is a frustrating waste of money that you could be spending on fun and interesting new materials.
  • By staying on top of your whole inventory you can save yourself precious dollars and you won’t have to run to the craft shop mid project to replace what may be lurking at the back of a drawer.

Make the Most of Your Space

  • Neatly stacked and sorted materials take up much less space than supplies that are kept in piles of jumbled mess. It is all too easy to let your workspace to become cluttered and disorganized. Anything can be used as a crafting material but it is worthwhile taking time to carefully consider if you are likely to use some of the items you have been saving for a while.
  • A good rule is that if you haven’t used something in the last year, you are unlikely to use it the future. When your bits and bobs are carefully sorted, you have more room to store new materials or display much loved completed projects.

A neatly organized craft area can be an integral part of your home – a room or space to feel proud of. Fortunately, to organize craft supplies can be a fun project in itself. Vintage boxes can be refashioned to become smart storage solutions, old mason jars are a great place to store your odds and ends, and even pharmacy pill boxes are the ideal cost saving home for all your beads and buttons. With the right smart storage solutions, your craft room can become a sanctuary of creativity and inspiration.

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So how are you planning to Organize Craft Supplies so that you feel more in control?

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