October Crafts for Kids

It’s getting cold outside and keeping the kids occupied means finding great October Crafts for Kids to make sure they have plenty to do!

October means that autumn is here and the ground is beginning to get covered with pine cones and leaves. With Halloween at the end of this month, many kids are excited that the holidays are right around the corner. Here are some October crafts for kids that will have them smiling from ear to ear as this marks the official beginning of the holiday season.

Boo Print Magnets

This craft involves making tiny ghosts that document the age of the kids as the years go by. Each year you save the ghost from the previous year, and the following October you pull out all the ghosts you have made and place them all on the refrigerator.

You need crafting foam, pack of googly eyes, black permanent marker, foam numbers, magnet strips, a pencil and tacky glue. You begin by tracing the child’s foot on the white foam with the pencil. Cut out the feet and let the kids glue on googly eyes, and a foam number for their age.

You simply glue a magnet strip to the back of the ghost and allow the child to write their name on the back. Next year put them back on the refrigerator as you create all new ghosts.

Candy Corn Craft

This is one of those classic crafts that kids simply love to make because of all the colors involved and how it really gets them excited about the upcoming holidays. For the candy corn craft you need black, orange, yellow and white construction paper, white crayon, scissors and glue.

Simply draw the shape of a big candy corn with white crayon on the black construction paper and divide the corn into three sections. Take the yellow, orange and white construction paper and cut them into one inch strips. Now let the kids use safety scissors and cut those strips into smaller pieces or let them tear the strips into pieces.

Then glue the colors into the appropriate sections on the candy corn. Children love this simple craft because they feel they created the entire craft themselves. You can use this technique for pumpkins and monsters too.

Black Cat Paper Plate

This is an extremely simply craft but the kids will absolutely love creating their very own black kitty. To make a Halloween black cat you need paper plates, black paint, sponge brushes, scissors, white crayon, tacky glue, googly eyes and small color pom balls.

You begin by painting the paper plate black. When dry you cut out the shape of the cat in a crescent moon shape. With the remaining plate piece cut out a round head and tiny ears and a small crescent moon tail too. Glue the ears to the head, the head to the body and the tail to the body.

Then have the child glue googly eyes and a color pom pom for the nose. You can use the scraps to create long whiskers for your black cat. Then let the kids write CAT or KAT or whatever they like on his body and your cat is ready to scare this Halloween.

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