November Crafts for Kids

November means that Halloween is over and it is time for the big holidays. Thanksgiving is here and the cooler weather means many more kids will be looking indoors for things to keep them busy this season. Here are some November crafts for kids that will help them to remember to count there blessings and enjoy all the time they will be spending with their loved ones.

Painted Hand Turkey

This is a classic that kids have been crafting for decades. Here is a new twist on the most popular Thanksgiving craft of all time. All you need to make a hand painted turkey is brown, green, red, yellow and orange paint, white and green construction paper, paint brushes, googly eyes, glue and markers. Cut off approximately an inch or two border around the edges of the white paper.

Paint the child’s hand and thumb with brown paint. Paint each finger with a different color. Once the hand and fingers are painted, you press the child’s hand and fingers gently onto the white paper to make the turkey. Glue on googly eyes to the thumb area and use the orange marker to draw feet and a beak.

Draw a gobbler with a red marker. Now mount the smaller white paper onto a large color construction paper and your hand painted turkey is ready for the wall.

Black Pilgrim Hats

Many kids know about turkeys, the food and being grateful, but reminding them about the pilgrims is what this craft is all about. To make a pilgrim hat you need poster board strips, yellow, black and white construction paper, glue, stapler and scissors.

Draw a basic shape of the pilgrim hat onto the black construction paper with a pencil and cut it out. Cut out a long rectangle from the white construction paper. Cut out a larger square from yellow paper and a smaller square from white paper to make the buckle. Have the kids glue the white strip across the middle of the hat, and then glue the yellow square in the middle of the strip and the white square on top of the yellow one.

Attach the hat to the poster board, and then wrap the poster board around the child’s head and measure. Cut to the size of the child’s head, and staple the board to form a head band and the kids are ready to wear there new pilgrim hats.

The Turkey Snowflake

This is a combination of Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas season that the kids will love creating. These adorable little turkeys are simple to make. All you need for this craft is a brown paper bag, scissors, glue, orange and red construction paper and googly eyes. Take the brown paper and cut it into a circle. Fold the circle in half, then in half again, and once more.

Now either you or the kids can begin cutting your snowflake design into the brown folded paper. This can get messy. Once you are done cutting you open it up to a half circle shape and you have the turkey body. Have the kids glue on the googly eyes. Cut out some turkey feet and a beak from the orange paper and glue on the turkey. Then cut out a little gobbler from the red paper and glue under the beak.

This little craft is a great giveaway to the grandparents or the children’s teachers too.

Which of these November Crafts for Kids will you and the kids be enjoying?

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