More Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Some parents think that their kids want to do nothing during the Christmas season, but stalk their presents and occasionally sneak a gingerbread cookie when you’re not looking. But there’s more to their holidays than gifts and baked goodies. And like adults, kids also want to get their hands busy with preparations for Christmas celebrations. With these fun Christmas craft ideas for Kids they’ll be able to do just that.

Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

This adorable craft involves more than just severing gnome heads and sticking them unto pinecones, although that would make the project a lot easier to do. However it does consist of carefully crafted felt pieces, gluing of several parts, arranging cotton beards, and assembling the entire thing to form fun and unique ornaments you can hang on your tree. You can also use them to decorate fireplace mantles, center tables, garlands and many more.

Sock Snowmen

It doesn’t get any cuter than these smiling sock snowmen. It’s time to gather all those white socks with missing pairs and put them to good holiday use. In addition to white socks you’ll also need poly fiberfill and some type of dried beans for the filling. Use pompoms, yarn, ribbons, button and other embellishments you can think of to transform your white socks into snowmen.

Snowflake Door Wreath

You’ll absolutely love the simplicity of this craft and the fact that the end results are amazing makes it even better. First you gather all those popsicle sticks you’ve accumulated in the past from eating all those popsicles. Next, create a pattern for a snowflake and arrange your popsicle sticks in that pattern. Once you like what you see, glue everything together, tie a ribbon through one of the ends, and hang it on your front door. Viola, a snowflake wreath.

Christmas Tree Tags

What a great way to embellish the gifts that you and your family will be giving out during the holidays. These handcrafted Christmas tree tags are so festive and pretty, no one will want to throw them away even after they’ve opened their present. All you need to make these tags are cardstock paper, an assortment of colorful fabric buttons, twine and a hot glue gun. Be sure that the cardstock comes in a light and solid color so that the button designs and tree patterns stand out much better.

Reindeer Candy Canes

Just when you thought candy canes only came in one boring cane-form, this clever craft shows you a whole new dimension to these peppermint treats. Using ordinary craft materials, you can make reindeer candy canes that are great for giving away to family and friends, stocking stuffers, or hanging on Christmas trees. It’s simple really; just take to candy canes back to back and wrap the center with brown yarn. The curved part of the candy will look like antlers and the yarn in the middle will be the head. A red mini pompom will make a great Rudolph nose and two googly eyes will complete the face. Finish it off with some colored twine or ribbons and you’re done.

Which of these Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids will your kids be trying this year?

More Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

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