March Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for some March Crafts for Kids to keep them entertained and active? When you think of the month of March, you can’t help but to think green. In addition to the first day of spring, there is also Saint Patrick’s Day in March which has the color green in its theme. Here are a few awesome March crafts for kids that you and your family can do to celebrate and commemorate these special events.

Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet

No Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is complete without the presence of a lucky leprechaun. Fortunately you don’t have to travel far and wide in order to catch one of these leprechauns; instead you can make your own at home with just a paper bag, some construction paper and glue. Add fun details like a pompom nose, googly eyes and plastic gold coins for his pot of gold.

Saint Patrick’s Day Necklace

Avoid the pinches and the bad luck this Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing this super cool Saint Patrick’s Day necklace. It’s green, it’s lucky and so easy to make. All you need to create this fun craft are some uncooked pasta (preferably the penne or rigatoni variation), green food coloring to turn the pasta green, green cardstock in which you’ll use to cut shamrocks from, and yarn or twine to string everything together. Share the luck and make several to handout to family and friends.

Paper Roll Trees

Around this time all the snow on the ground has melted away, the sun is starting to shine brighter and more frequently everyday and you’re also noticing the tree branches starting to bud flowers and leaves. March marks the first day of spring for many calendars and this paper roll tree craft is a great way to usher in the new season. Gather all your empty and unused paper towel rolls, brown paint and tissue or construction paper for this project. Be sure to give the paint and glue ample time to dry during each step which will make assembling the buds and leaves on the branches easier.

Tissue Paper Rainbow

What will you find at the end of a rainbow? Well many legends say that a big pot of gold will be waiting for whoever the lucky individual might be and that individual can be you! Cut out a rainbow outline from poster board paper and create the rainbow pattern using colorful tissue paper. Next, assemble a pot of gold with some black construction paper and gold foil paper and place it at one of the ends of your rainbow. You can tie a string through the rainbow and hang the finished product from your door, wall or ceiling for all to see.

Stained Glass Shamrocks

Decorate your windows with the symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day. These stained glass shamrocks are not only beautiful to look at, but they’re quite simple to make. For this project you’ll need tissue paper in several shades of green and cut into small squares. Next cut out a shamrock from clear contact paper and begin randomly placing the tissue squares on the sticky side. Once completed, place the shamrock (sticky side down) onto another sheet of clear contact paper and then cut out the shape once again.

Which of these March Crafts for Kids is your favorite?

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