Make Doctor Who Valentine Day Cards – A Step by Step Guide!

Now there’s no argument that Valentine Day is a fun holiday for all involved, but it can even be a bit more exciting when you think outside the box. Around our house a favorite subject tends to creep in.

You guessed it – Doctor Who! We love and watch Doctor Who together so why not take the time to make a Doctor Who themed Valentine card for our special someone?

It’s fun and easy to boot. Check out our brief guide on how to make your own Doctor Who Valentine day cards and I think you will agree! You will never have to resort to a cheesy mainstream Valentine day card ever again.

8 Steps to Your Own Doctor Who Valentine Day Cards

What you’ll need:

A few rectangle shaped pieces of construction paper, a pencil, a quality glue stick, crayons or colored markers, a cool photo of a Doctor Who related image (or images) at an appropriate size for the center of your card, scissors, and most of all a creative and fun attitude!

Instructions to Make Doctor Who Valentine Day Cards

  1. Get your rectangle piece of construction paper and your pencil ready. It’s up to you the color of your construction paper, though light colors will make it easier to design the rest of the card as we move on.
  2. Fold your construction paper in half. This forms your Doctor Who Valentine Day card’s body.
  3. Cut out your Doctor Who image, position it on the front cover of your card leaving enough room for your witty message. You don’t want to have to write too small so keep that in mind. When you are satisfied glue your image to the card.
  4. Give your glue a minute or two to dry. Double check and make sure your Whovian image isn’t going to fall off easily. This is important because I’m sure this card is going to inspire such a reaction your loved one will want to keep it forever!
  5. Write your Valentine’s Day message. Now be creative and have fun! Here’s a few ideas that could work: “I traveled through time to say I Love You!”, “Wishing you a Dalektable Valentine!”, “Time and Space, couldn’t stop me from saying Happy Valentine!” and so on. Write your message in pencil using all of your vast (or not so vast) artistic ability!
  6. Either color your message with your crayons or colored markers. Also feel free to add a border if it looks appropriate.
  7. Use your pencil to fill in the message in the interior of the card. Again once you’re satisfied with it touch it up in color. Put your card in an envelope.
  8. Give your Doctor Who Valentine card to your special someone. Be prepared to see them explode with surprise and excitement!

Now that you’ve mastered making Doctor Who Valentine day cards you’ve earned entrance to the inner circle who manage to incorporate Doctor Who into fun events beyond Christmas and birthdays! Congratulations!

Have a happy Valentine Day!

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