Make Christmas Decorations With The Kids

When Christmas rolls around every year you will always see signals that are leading to the seasonal change. Not only do retail stores decorate their windows, your neighbors may also put up decorations for the holiday!

If you want to make your house feel cozy and in the seasonal spirit, then decorations are what you need.

Fortunately you can make Christmas decorations without a lot of supplies and with the help of your little ones.

1. Drive in Spirit: Reindeer Car

Supplies Needed:

– 1 reindeer car kit
– Helping hands

Once you have the reindeer car kit (which you can purchase at party stores), your kids will be able to get to work decorating! These come with antlers that attach to the top of the windows and a reindeer nose that goes on the front grill. You should be there to help, but most kids will enjoy helping tell you where things should go. The best part about this kit is that it won’t damage your car and can be taken off as soon as Christmas is over.

Tip: If you cannot find a kit, then go ahead and make your own decorations. All you need to do is cut out antlers from your choice material and make a nose with a red piece of fabric. Have fun and don’t worry about making your decorations perfect; they will look great just being on your car!

2. Warm Memories with Picture Frames

Supplies Needed:

– Several picture frames (purchase from a dollar store)
– Mod Podge
– Red, green and silver glitter
– Foam holiday shapes (craft stores)
– Paint brush
– Newspaper

First take the glass out of the frames and then give your kids each a paint brush. Lay out your newspaper on a table and then have your kids paint half of their frame with the Mod Podge. After this, let them sprinkle on their choice of glitter to the frame that was just covered with the glue. Repeat this on the other side and then let the frame sit for about 20 minutes before you shake off the excess glitter (save this if you want to use it later).

To finish, use a hot glue gun to glue on the foam holiday shapes to the frame. Your kids can place the foam shapes, but make sure you’re the one putting the hot glue on. Once everything is dry you can put pictures in the frames and put them all over your house! This is cheap, affordable and a really cute way to add in some Christmas spirit to your home.

Tip: There are foam frame kits available at craft stores if you want something that is less messy. These are affordable and come in a lot of unique Christmas designs, including some that are religious.

3. Ornaments…On the Wall?

Supplies Needed:

– 1 shadow box
– Ornaments (various colors, shapes and sizes)

Kids can easily get involved in this by picking out their own shadow box and the exact ornaments they want to use. You can even have each of your kids make their own to hang up in the living room or their bedrooms! All you have to do when making these is put the ornaments into the box before hanging it up.

This couldn’t be easier and looks great when it’s hung up on the wall. The best part is that you can replace the ornaments with other things so you can use the shadow box all throughout the year.

Tip: Make sure your ornaments fit into the shadow box so you don’t risk them breaking. There are tons of different sizes of ornaments and most stores carry several options.

4. Felt Ornaments Made by Kids

Supplies Needed:

– Felt ornament kit

Homemade ornaments are precious because their made by your kids and you can keep as they grow up. Although you could certainly cut felt shapes by hand, that can get tiresome and be irritating. Felt ornament kits are really cheap and are easy to find at most craft stores during Christmas time, so pick one up when you see it! Once you have one of these, lay out all of the things inside so your kids can start making their own.

These should come with stuffing, cording, thread, felt pieces, a needle and instructions as well. Tell them how to make the ornaments and give them as much guidance as they need. Once finished you will be able to hang these up and enjoy looking at them for years to come.

Tip: There are felt ornament kits that you can use with fabric or hot glue. These are great if you want to avoid using a needle and thread when making these.

5. Your Style Gingerbread House

Supplies Needed:

– 1 gingerbread cookie house kit
– 1 foam gingerbread house kit

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You can choose whether you want a cookie or foam house based on your kids and your home. Both of them are easy to find at most stores, so you could even make both if you want to! Once you have the kit all you have to do is read the directions that come with them to have your kids make customized gingerbread houses. These are awesome decorations because they are custom made to how your kids want them to look.

If you make the felt house you can save it to bring out every year, but that’s not the case with the cookie kit. You can place the house anywhere in your house that you want and show it off to any visitors that come over! You can also get extra decorations from the grocery store or the craft store if you want even more decorations for the houses. Sprinkles and candies are great for the cookie house while glitter and googly eyes are great for the foam house.

Tip: Buy kits when they go on sale after Christmas and save them until the following year. This will save you money and result in having decorations ready to make when your kids want to create something fun.

If you want to make Christmas decorations for your home, then try any of these out. You can make them on your own, but your kids can easily get involved as well. They are all easy to make, they are affordable and they can be made at home.

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