Ideas for Cool Crafts for Kids

Are your kids too cool for crafts? Well what about some cool crafts for kids then!

If you’ve got kids or interact with them frequently and they (as well as you) are tired of the same old macaroni art project you lay out for them every day, then it’s time to step up your craft game with cool crafts for kids.

These crafts will not only trample over the dried pasta and glue, but they will totally restore your children’s faith in your creative abilities.

If children could plant anything in the world, one of the most highly requested plant seed would be for one that can grow yummy candy treats. But since that’s not going to happen anytime soon this lolli-pot craft project will have to suffice. All this project needs is a package of lollipops (Dum Dums work great because of their size), a Styrofoam ball, and a pot that fits the base of the ball. Stick your Styrofoam into the pot and start “planting” your lollipops. The end results will resemble a potted lollipop plant-bouquet-bushel hybrid.

Bottle Cap Magnets

Wondering what to do will all those bottle caps you’ve saved up over the years? Turn them into fun and decorated magnets that you can stick on your fridge, locker, or any other metal surface. Items that can fit inside the bottle caps can be used to decorate them such as beads, glitter, confetti, buttons, or cut up paper. Seal in all the embellishments with epoxy resin or aqua resin for long lasting magnet art that can be displayed anywhere they’re “attracted” to.

Shaving Cream Art

It’s time to raid every single bathroom in your house and collect all the shaving cream you can get your hands on. This craft project is going to need a whole lot of it. Not many people know that shaving cream can create more than just smooth, silky, hairless skin. It can also create beautiful pieces of abstract art. So take your paints and shaving cream and see what masterpiece you can come up with.

Clothespin Gang

Now that the majority of households dry their laundry in a dryer, what’s to become of all those unused wooden clothespins? Well they all grew pipe cleaner arms and became a gang of thrill seekers and rebels. OK, maybe not the second part, but the pipe cleaner arms would be accurate if you were to take on this fun and quirky craft as your next project. It’s really simple to make and all it takes are a bunch of wooden clothespin, pipe cleaners, and markers with pointed tips (like Sharpies). Transform these retired clothes-hangers into your very own cool, one of a kind clothespin gang.

Coke Bottle Bird Feeders

Birds are just as tired of pine cone feeders as you are of macaroni art. So put a new and innovative twist to the traditional feeder with coke bottle bird feeders. They’re exactly what the name proposes; coke bottles turned into bird feeders. You can use any size bottle; 1.5 liter, 2 liter, etc. You then get one or two wooden cooking spoons and insert them through the bottle at varying heights. This will give birds a convenient place to perch while they access the yummy bird food that will be spilling out from the feeder.

Which of these cool crafts for kids will you and your kids be doing?

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