Homemade Christmas Gifts For All

Are you tired of giving the same old boring Christmas gifts year after year? Have store selections become slim and uninspired? Or maybe you just want to show off your craftiness? Whatever the reason may be, homemade Christmas gifts are always appreciated because people know how much time, energy and thought you put into them. Here are just a few examples of homemade gifts you can make this Christmas.

Baker’s Mitt

Do you know someone who loves making confectionery creations? If so, then there’s no better gift to give than one that appeals to a baker. This baker’s mitt is packed with everything they could need for baking up cookies, cakes, brownies and more. Just gather up a few baking tools such as a wire whisk, a wooden spoon, a cooking timer, and the like and put everything into a large oven mit which you can sew yourself. If you can fit a mini recipe book in there too that would be great. Tie a nice festive bow around it and it’s ready to be gifted.

Photo Print Pillows

Photo print pillows might sound like a very complicated project to do, but in fact it’s probably one of the easiest things you can make for other people. All you need are some plaint white accent or decorative pillows, wax paper and an iron. Once you’ve chosen a photo you’d like t go on the pillows, print it out onto the wax paper. Then take your iron and carefully iron the image onto the pillow. It’s that simple and the results are absolutely amazing.

Festive Tree Skirt

If you’re good at sewing or knitting then it’s time to make a skirt. Not for yourself, but for a friend or a relative’s Christmas tree. Even Christmas trees like to dress up during the holidays and a tree skirt is just what they need to look their best. You can make tree skirts from any type of material, but what makes them real special are the personal touches. Try doing things like incorporating initials into the design or including a pattern or part of a clothing that’s sentimental to the recipient.

Homemade Bath Items

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath every now and then? There are several recipes out there for homemade bath items that include bubble bath, bath fizzies, bath salt, and many more. Place the bath elements into a nice see through jar and finish it off with a ribbon and a gift tag. If you’re including several items then you can also put them in a basket decorated with ribbons and bows for a more festive appearance.

Box of Homemade Cookies

You can never go wrong with home baked goods (assuming you’re a good baker). Make holiday themed cookies, brownies, cake pops and other sweet treats for friends and family. Presentation is where you can really make a big impression, so choose a nicely decorated box and place tissue paper or wax paper inside before putting in the goodies. Wrap it up with a bow and you’re done.

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