Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Are you looking for fun and easy Halloween crafts for Toddlers that you and your toddler can do during Halloween? Maybe you’re in need of child friendly decorations for your home, but can’t seem to find anything suitable in stores. Or you just love the spooky holiday so much; you want to do something special every day during the month of Halloween that’s just as fun as trick-or-treating or dressing up in a costume.

Whatever your reasons may be, you can find the solution you’re looking for with Halloween crafts for toddlers. Below are just a few examples of the different types of projects that can occupy your fun-filled spook-tacular, October days.

Witch’s Hat

Because even witches like to switch between their choice of headwear every now and then and with this witch’s hat craft, your little witch can have their own collection of crafty hats. The supplies that you’ll need for this project are paper plates painted in black, black construction paper or poster boards cut down to size and then rolled into a cone shape, glue and decorative elements that you might want to put on your hat. Things like ribbons, buttons, stars, and even googley eyes or plastic spiders will do just fine.

Paper Plate Ghost

Would you like to see ghosts hanging around your house? Not apparitions, but the adorable, silly looking ones made from paper plates. This is a really fun craft for toddlers to do because it’s easy to make and the end results can be used as Halloween decorations. In addition to paper plates you’ll also need tissue paper that’s cut up in long strips and a pair of hands made from white poster board or card stock so it’s stiff enough to stand up straight on its own. Lastly, a black marker can create all the facial expressions and details you want to put on your ghost’s face.

Zombie Hands

Lend a hand, but not your own. Turn your toddler’s arm into that of a zombie’s with this neat project. First you’ll need a thick strip of white paper in which you’ll trace your toddler’s hand and arm on, but only up until just before the elbow. Color the arm a dingy shade of green and start decorating (or decomposing) it with things like tissue paper, popcorn, sticks, pasta, beads and other elements that would make the arm drawing resemble that of the undead. Hang the finished product on your fridge, or if you really want to showcase your toddler’s zombie arm then frame it and hang it on your wall.

Haunted House Cutouts

What’s hiding in your haunted house this Halloween? Reveal your spooky house guests with this haunted house cutouts craft. It’s really simple to make and only requires construction paper and a marker for drawing the monsters and ghosts that’ll be hiding behind the windows and doors. And don’t worry if you’re not the best artist around. Blobs, scribbles and stick figures can all be a part of the haunted house and they may even give it that much needed scare factor.

Thumbprint Pumpkins

If your toddler wants to make more Jack-O-Lanterns but you’ve run out of pumpkins; have no fear, thumbkins are here. It’s the cute little craft that turns your orange thumbprints into goofy, happy Jack-O-Lanterns. Just get together an orange inkpad, a black Sharpie marker, and your thumb. Be sure to coat the entire top part of your thumb with orange ink otherwise your pumpkins will look like someone just took a bite out of them.

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