Get Your Kids To Make A Christmas Decoration This Year

Do you want to get your kids to make a Christmas Decoration (or two!) this year?  Well, this simple, quick to make Christmas decoration can be made in less than thirty minutes, and can take pride of place on top of your Christmas tree. Or, why not get your child to make a few of them, and place them around the house with your other decorations.

All you need to make each angel is a paper plate, pencil, scissors, tape or a stapler, and crayons, paint, or colouring in pencils to decorate it. Before you give the plate to your child, you need to make a few pencil marks, a little cutting out, and draw a smiling face for the angel.

Start with the plate facing down, and draw a circle in the centre of the plate. This circle should be roughly a third of the size of the plate, and will be the angel’s head and wings. Now, imagine the face down plate in front of you is a clock face. Draw a line going from ten o’clock towards the centre of the plate, stopping at the smaller circle. Draw a similar line going from two o’clock. The piece of paper plate between 10 and 2 o’clock will be cut out. Cut it out carefully, leaving the whole of the centre circle intact.

Now, cut around the circle, leaving a 2cm piece still attached at the 6 o’clock part of the plate. This is the angel’s waist. This will pop up when you join the angel’s skirts together.

Now, turn the plate around to face the correct way, and draw a head shape in the top of the centre circle, and draw a little neck. You will also now need to cut around this head and neck. Once the angel has been decorated, this will allow the wings to pop out from the angel’s head once it’s skirts have been joined together.

Next, give the angel to your child to decorate with their colouring in pencils, crayons or paints. Older children could also use stickers, glitter, to adorn their angel, they could also glue strands of wool to make her hair. Craft shops sell brightly coloured feathers, try sticking these to the angel’s wings make the angel extra special.

Once the angel has been coloured and decorated completely, all you need to do is overlap the angel’s skirts. As you do this, her waist will pop up, and her head and wings will separate. The end result is a cone shaped angel decoration which should be stable enough to stand on its own, or be easily placed on the top of your Christmas tree.

Perhaps you are planning to host a Christmas dinner party? Why not involve your children in helping you to prepare by making these angels as place markers for the table. Make one for each person; write each person’s name on the front of their angel’s skirts, and decorate as normal.

With careful packaging, your child’s handmade Christmas angel decorations can be kept and used for many years to come.

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