Fun Crafts for Kids

Children love to get creative, especially when that creativity involves getting their hands messy and busy. There are many crafts out  there that will teach kids new things, add on to their experience and skills set, and best of all, are fun and easy to do.

The following are just a few fun crafts for kids you might want to incorporate at your next slumber party, scouts meeting, camping trip or to alleviate an afternoon chaos of hyper energy and boredom at your home.

Sidewalk Paint

You’ve heard of sidewalk chalk, but how about sidewalk paint? You’ll love this DIY project that allows you and your children to create child-friendly paint they can use on paved surfaces. This type of paint is made from safe ingredients and can be washed away with water so you don’t have to worry about permanently displaying paintings of smiley faces and flowers on your driveway.

Creating the paint is just the first step and all you need are cornstarch, water and food coloring for a variety of color combinations. The real craft begins when you give your child a sponge brush and let their imaginations run wild.

Ice Cream Stick Characters

If you live somewhere where the sun shines and hot days are frequent, then your kids probably go through a couple boxes of popsicles every week especially during the summer time. Save up all those sticks from previous cold treats and turn them into super cool and colorful puppets. They can be silly, serious, scary or even sleepy. Make a puppet show with the end products or use them as markers on chore charts, or even bookmarks.

Egg Carton Mini Helicopters

Bad news, you ran out of eggs today. Good news, now you have an awesome and exciting new craft your kids can do with the empty egg carton. Make mini helicopters from egg cartons, index card and brads. To add color and features to your aircrafts, you can use paint, markers or good quality crayons that will show well on carton material. Your kids will most likely need help with the cutting of the parts and the configuration of the helicopter, but when it comes to the design they shouldn’t need any assistance at all.

Sticks and Stones Sculpture

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but they also make awesome craft projects. Go out into nature and collect different sized stones, pebbles, sticks and twigs. Once you have a good amount of material to work with, draw up a plan or a blue print of what you might want your sculpture to look like. After you’ve finalized the idea, take some twine and glue and start building with your sticks and stones. The best types of glue for this kind of project would include epoxies, acrylic, polyesters or some really strong super glue.

Toilet Paper Roll Tea Cups

Toilet paper teacups are so much fun and easy to make. All you need are a bunch of empty toilet paper rolls, markers and glue. It’s a craft that kids of all ages can partake in, and the fun doesn’t stop once the teacups are made. Play tea party with your friends, serve coffee and drinks at your pretend coffee shop, or add them to your collection of dishes for your play kitchen.

Fun Easy Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for more fun easy crafts for kids then take a look at the following wonderful resources:

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