February Crafts for Kids

February is best known for Valentine’s Day which is why many have established it as the month of love.

It’s a time when chocolate and flower sales hit their all time highs, sappy poems and love notes are written by admirers, and a winged baby with a bow and arrow tries to play matchmaker between two unsuspecting individuals.

You can just imagine all the fun projects this month offers for you and your kids to do. Below are just some of the February crafts for kids that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Heart Chain

If you’re wondering how you can make your home more festive for the month of February then these heart chains are perfect. The whole family can join in on the fun of making them, plus more people means more heart links and longer heart chains. You start by cutting out several strips of colored construction paper one inch thick.

Then fold them in half to create the bottom point of the heart. Take the ends and staple them inward for the upper part of the heart. Remember to loop the links together before you staple them into their heart shape. You can hang the heart chains from your ceiling, use them as garland or drape them along mantels, tables or doorways.

Love Canvas

All you need is a hand and two feet to create this love canvas. The beautiful painting is easy to do and your children will really have fun getting their hands and feet wet and sticky with paint. Begin by creating a colorful background on the canvas using colors associated with Valentine’s Day, such as different shades of red, pink or purple.

Next paint an “L” and an “E” onto the canvas with white paint, leaving enough space for a handprint for the “O” and two footprints which will make the “V”. Altogether it spells the word “LOVE”.

Valentine Buddy

Even if you don’t have a Valentine this Valentine’s Day you can still have a Valentine Buddy. He’s cute and funny and is sure to keep you company all day long while you snack on chocolates and other sweet treats. You’ll need the following materials; red and pink construction paper, googly eyes, black marker, and glue. Make enough Valentine Buddies to give away to all your friends and family so everyone will have someone special to spend the day with.

Love Bugs

Transform your mom’s old egg cartons into love bugs for the month of February. Create different love bugs by cutting out segments of twos, threes, fours or more. The longer the bug, the more love they have to give. Use paint to give them a more festive appearance along with some googly eyes and pipe cleaners for their limbs and antennas. These will be one kind of bug you won’t mind crawling around your home this Valentine’s Day.

I Love You Beary Much

Everyone loves to give and receive teddy bears on Valentine’s Day, but you can give your bear a twist with this fun craft. Show that special friend or family member how much you care for them with “I Love You Beary Much” paper plate bears. They’re simply adorable and display the perfect sentiment on Valentine’s Day. Personalize them with your favorite colors and special messages for the recipient.

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