Our Favorite Beach Craft Ideas

There’s so many ways the beach can influence one’s creativity and if you’re feeling like doing a fun beach related project then there are plenty in store. You can never run out of beach craft ideas because inspiration is all around, especially if you live near or on the beach.

Check out these great ideas for your next beach craft project and slowly turn your room or home into a display of nautical wonders.

Sand Bowl

At first glance you might think that this awesome project will entail some super powers and the ability to manipulate natural elements, but in reality all it takes is some glue, sand and a bowl to recreate this fascinating sculpture. You simply mix together sand and glue and let it drip over a bowl placed upside down. Wait until the mixture dries and hardens before carefully lifting it off and viola, you have your very own sand bowl.

Seashell Wreath

A great way to embellish the front of your door would be with a seashell wreath. It’s a great project for those with an extensive collection of shells, or you can simply buy some at your local craft store. In addition to the shells you’ll also need the base of the wreath which can be made from foam, wood, plastic, or stiff twine. Strategically place your shells on the wreath base using glue to secure them in place. Be very careful when gluing down the shell because they can easily crack or break due to their fragile nature.

Mini Beach House

For those of you who’ve always wanted a beach house, this exciting project will make all your dreams come true; that is if you’re dream was to own a mini beach house. There are many ways you can make a beach house using the materials you find around your home. This one in particular uses everyday items such as dowel sticks, brads, stickers, cardstock cut outs, chipboard and paint. You can make your own design or find easy-to-follow patterns and instructionals online. Be sure to add beachy embellishments such as decorative seashells, sand, or pebbles to make it more in its seaside element.

Seahorse Pillow

You don’t have to be a master seamstress to sew a pillow this intricate, but it might help if you’ve had past experience with a needle and a thread. This seahorse pillow pattern can be found online or you can also use simpler designs such as a starfish, a sun, or a seashell. There’s an ocean of possibilities when it comes to beach themed pillows and all you need to complete this craft are pillow stuffings, fabric, needle and thread.

Starfish Garland

When it comes to decorating your mantle, doorway, halls or room, there’s nothing like a garland of starfish and seashells to usher in the ocean theme into your home. This craft project is so easy to do, yet the final results are simply gorgeous. You can use real starfish that’ve dried up or fake ones you can buy from the craft store. Twine or a very thin rope can be used as the garland. Be sure to secure the starfish on the garland before your hang it up for display. People may like a falling star, but a falling starfish hurts.

Driftwood Picture Frame

Display your favorite beach memory or photograph in a handcrafted picture frame made with driftwood you find near the ocean shore and on the beach. Use a regular picture frame as your base then glue the driftwood around till it completely covers the perimeter of the frame. Paint the driftwood to add color and whimsy then glue on some seashell or beach pebbles for more decorative details.

Which of these beach craft ideas is your favorite?

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