Family Tree Crafts for the Creative Genealogist

As a keen genealogist for many years the idea of Family Tree Crafts is something that fascinates me because it’s a different way of capturing your Family History.

When it comes to displaying family trees, many people choose to go the chart and paper route not realizing that there are more creative ways to go about it. Now you can make your family tree stand out from the rest with unique family tree crafts.

These crafts will make documenting your family’s history a lot more enjoyable as well as interesting for family and friends you share it with.

I hope that you enjoy these Family Tree Craft ideas as much as us.

Family Tree Handprint

This craft project is really simple yet meaningful at the same time. Have each individual of the family place their handprint onto a piece of paper then transform that handprint into a tree by painting on branches and a trunk. The print will appear to look like leaves which represent the life that has sprung from the (family) tree. Individually frame the handprints and let it be an everyday reminder of the significance of each and every member of your family. Everyone is as unique as their handprint in a family tree.

Family Tree Shadow Box

A shadow box is a great way to display all your family’s special heirlooms and other keepsakes such as old photographs, letters, and jewelry. To create the family tree theme, make a cutout of a large tree with several branches and place it right in the middle of the box. You can make the tree from a thick material such as Styrofoam or cardboard for more depth and dimension. Your family keepsakes will be surrounding the tree as well as strategically placed on its branches. Be sure to secure everything down with glue or a hot glue gun so the display stays intact when upright.

Decorative Family Tree Pillow

Is your couch looking a little bare or maybe you need some extra back cushion when you sit in your reading chair? How about upgrading your bedding’s look with a few accent pillows? This craft project allows you to exhibit your family tree in the form of a comfy, decorative pillow. You can create the entire pillow from scratch or if you’ve got a bunch of pillows lying around that can use a new look, simply make a pillow case instead. Use light fabrics for the exterior so the embroidery of your family tree will really show.

Family Tree Quilt

Quilts may seem like a project that would only interest people with plenty of skill, time and experience but any can easily learn and enjoy the process of quilting especially when it chronicles their family tree. Make your very own family tree quilt that you can display on the wall, on your living room couch, at the foot of your bed or anywhere else that could use a little color and a whole lot of family love.

Family Tree Wall Mural with Photo Frames

And just when you thought you ran out of excuses to paint the wall, this awesome idea pops up right in front of you. A wall mural of your family tree can be absolutely stunning when done right. You can choose to paint the mural on or if you don’t feel like your artistic abilities are up to par to handle such a big project, there are also wall decals of trees and tree silhouettes that would work just as well. Next, hang small picture frames of loved ones on the branches of the tree. Feel free to use frames of varying sizes and colors for a more interesting look.

Family Tree Cross Stitch

One of the family tree crafts my partner really enjoys is family tree cross stitch. With these wonderful designs you can create a quite unique Family Tree Chart that will become a treasured memories for many years to come. Something your family can treasure and perhaps something you could also make as a gift for members of the family.

Which of these Family Tree Crafts will you be trying?

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