Easy Valentines Crafts for Toddlers

Are you looking for fun and easy projects that’ll get your toddler excited about Valentine’s Day? Look no further and check out some of the awesome ideas below for your toddler’s next Valentines craft.

A lot of the materials and supplies you’ll need are usually found around the home. Everything else can be bought online.

Have fun with these Valentines Crafts for Toddlers.

Heart Wreath

When all a craft project calls for is cutting and gluing then you know it’s something many toddlers, if not all of them would enjoy doing. This heart wreath is very easy to make and all you need are double sided scrapbook paper cut into strips, scissors, glue and a piece of string or yarn for hanging. Decorate your front door with hearts and everyone who comes in will instantly feel the love.

Monster Mailboxes

For those who are looking for a more creative and one-of-a-kind mailbox alternative for receiving valentines, this monster mailbox would definitely fit the criteria. It may look like a complicated project, but it’s fquite simple to make. A few things you should have before you begin are an empty tissue box, decorative Valentine themed wrapping paper to cover the box with, white cardboard paper for the teeth, an egg carton for the eyes, and pipe cleaners and pom poms for the antennas. Hopefully no one will be too frightened to drop a valentine in this little monster.

Invisible Heart Messages

Have your little ones discover a secret message from mom and dad with these invisible heart messages. Cut out shapes of hearts from plain white paper and then write a secret message in the middle of it with white crayon. Have your toddler go to town with water colors on the heart and they’ll reveal the secret message you wrote for them. You can then use the hearts for decorations by hanging them on the wall or stringing yarn through them to make an instant heart garland.

Love Goggles

See through the eyes of love with these love goggles. The consist of red and purple pipe cleaners and take less than 2 minutes to make. All you have to do is fold two red pipe cleaners into the shape of hearts and place them down touching side by side. Use tape, a string or more pipe cleaners to connect the two hearts together. Then twist a purple pipe cleaner at each side of the two hearts to create the piece that goes around the ear. And now that you’ve got your love goggles on, don’t be surprised if you see hearts everywhere on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Candles

Upgrade boring white candles into something more Valentine worthy. First you need to get some twine and wrap the middle section of the candle, using a hot glue gun (with the assistance of an adult of course) to help them stay on. Cut out different sized hearts from red felt and use them to decorate the area with twine. Give these lovely loving candles to someone special on Valentines; it’ll really brighten up their day.

Touchy Feel Hearts

Let your inner artist spill out onto a plain heart shaped canvas and let the day of love be your muse. Toddlers can explore and learn about different textures while putting together their touchy feel hearts craft. Take paper of any color and cut out several big hearts. Next, get your craft glue and drizzle it all over the surface of the heart. The last step is to take all sorts of embellishments and decorate your heart using different colors and textures. You can use materials such as glitter, string, buttons, bubble wrap, rice, beads, tissue paper and many more. Anything that’s fun to touch and feel is perfect for this heart project.

Which of these Valentines Crafts for Toddlers will your toddler be doing this year?

Do take a look at this great resource packed with Valentines Crafts for Toddlers as well as all sorts of other Holiday Crafts:

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