Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

Your little ones don’t always have to sit bored at home or in front of the TV during the holidays while everyone else is busy preparing, decorating and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Make your kids just as much a part of all the (somewhat chaotic however exciting) hoopla with Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers like the ones below.

Footprint Turkeys

Children’s feet tend to get a little dirty every now and then so why not make it intentional this time around and turn that filthy foot into a footprint turkey work of art. There’s no doubt your toddler will really enjoy this project, especially since they get to stomp their paint stained feet all over a clean white surface and not even get in trouble for doing so. These footprints will subtly resemble a turkey, but to make the transformation complete add on some googley eyes, a beak made from orange paper or foam, and a bunch of multicolored faux feathers.

Pumpkin Seed Craft

The next time you carve pumpkins for Jack-O-Lanterns or use them to make yummy pies for holiday meals, be sure to save all those pumpkin seeds for your little one’s Thanksgiving craft projects. You can create all sorts of wonders with pumpkin seeds, especially when you color them with different colored markers or paint. Make a picture of a turkey, a boat, or an Indian’s headdress. Then glue them on to some paper and add background details with your crayons or if you like, more pumpkin seeds.

DIY Pilgrim Hat

Thanksgiving would’ve never come to be without the Pilgrims and their journey to the new land. And what’s a pilgrim without his trusty pilgrim’s hat, also known as a cockel or a traveler’s hat. This is a simple project that children can enjoy playing with once they’ve completed the craft. All you need are construction paper, glue, scissors and string. You can find tutorials online for easy-to-follow patterns for the hat form or create your own.

Teepee Centerpiece

Teepees make for fun and whimsical centerpieces and can be used for decorating fireplace mantels, buffets, tables and more. To put this Native American dwelling together you’ll need craft foam in tan or brown, two twigs about 12 inches long, scissors, markers for decorating the teepee, and hot glue gun to bring it all together. These also make great props if you’re performing a puppet show about the Pilgrims and Indians and how they first met.

Leaf Garland

Greet family and friends with a large welcoming sign as they enter your home for the Thanksgiving celebration. For this craft, you can use patterned cardstock or textured paper for the leaf cut outs. Be sure to choose colors and designs that go perfectly with the holiday. Next, cut out your letterings from white or black paper; whichever one appears better on the leaf cut outs. You can say things like “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Turkey Day” or “Be Thankful”. Finally, string all the leaves through a piece of twine or yarn and hang it somewhere everyone can see.

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