Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

There’s a great range of easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids available. So if you are trying to find a way for your kids to keep busy while you’re in the kitchen cooking up Thanksgiving dinner? Or maybe they’ve complained one too many times about being bored during the Thanksgiving break?

Solve those problems with easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Many of these crafts use materials and supplies that many people already have around the house. Plus, they’re safe to do and require little to no parent supervision. Just give your kids instructions and all the things they need to create these awesome projects and everyone will be a happy pilgrim.

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holder

This is a great solution for children who are always losing their crayons or if the box the crayons originally came in has fallen apart. Make your very own pilgrim hat crayon holder with nothing but a plastic party drinking cup and some construction paper. Simply cut out the bottom of the cup and turn it upside down. Wrap the cup with black construction paper and add a belt and buckle for details. Glue the cup to a round piece of black construction paper that’s slightly larger than the base of the cup. Once it’s dried, your crayons will now have a new home.

Ears of Pop-Corn on a Stick

It’s popcorn on a stick, but not like you think it would be. Recreate one of the food staples the pilgrims had back then when the Native Americans taught them how to farm the land. Corn was one of the items that were most likely served at the first Thanksgiving.

For this project you’ll need green and yellow construction paper, crayons, a big wood popsicle stick (like the tongue depressors doctors use in clinics), glue, and a bowl of popcorn. Cut out an oval from the yellow paper which will represent the ear of corn. The green paper will be used for the husk. Glue both pieces onto the wooden stick with the yellow on top. Now the fun part is where you get to glue pieces of popcorn onto the yellow part so it’ll appear as if you have an ear of (pop) corn on a stick.

Table Top Turkey

While mom is cooking the turkey for the feast, you can also be cooking up your own turkey to accompany the main course that’ll be served at dinner (except this one is of a none-edible variety). Table top turkeys will add a fun and whimsical ambiance to your table settings. It’s really easy to make; a few pieces of construction paper, a plastic drinking cup painted brown, a large brown pom pom for the head and googley eyes are what will bring this turkey creation to pass.

Paper Pumpkins

If your local pumpkin patch or supermarket ran out of pumpkins before you could get some, then there are other alternatives rather than having a gourd-free holiday this year. Make paper pumpkins in place of real ones with cleverly crafted construction paper or poster board paper. Simple tying of strings and fanning out of strips and voila, you’ve got a pumpkin. Place them on table tops or suspend them from the ceiling like lanterns; the possibilities are endless.

Thanksgiving Tree

Not only is this a great craft for children, but it’s also a wonderful activity for the entire family to do together. Create a Thanksgiving tree by gluing together cardstock paper cut in the form of a leafless tree which will result in a standing 3D figure. Next, punch out a bunch of leafs with a craft cutter and write things that you are thankful for on each leaf, for example: friends, family, pets, school, house, car, etc. Then have everyone glue their leaves to the branches of the tree. Everyone will be able to see and read the many things people are thankful for.

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