Easy November Crafts for Kids

Let’s continue our ideas for Monthly Crafts for Kids with some November Crafts for Kids!

By November, you’re probably noticing all the different colored leaves that have made its way from the trees and into your yard. But that doesn’t mean you have to get bummed out about all the raking you’ll have to do; instead turn this leafy situation into fun and creative November crafts for kids. Below are some ideas on how you can use the leaves and other fall elements around you as inspiration for your child’s next artistic creation.

Leaf Print Art

Leaves are pretty interesting when you get up close and personal to the intricate details that include the leaf veins, grooves and other textures. Not only do they turn beautiful shades of rich, warm colors, but they also come in several different sizes and shapes. Gather some leaves from your yard or around the neighborhood and use them to create leaf prints on a plain sheet of white paper.

Paint the side of the leaf where the textures are more prevalent with fall colors that include yellow, brown, orange, red and green as well. Firmly press the painted side down on the paper then slowly peel it off. You’ll be left with a colorful and unique print of the leaf. Put several prints of different leaves on one page for an artful display.

Fall Puzzle Tree

Here’s another awesome leaf project you can do except it doesn’t involve real leaves. If you have a box of old and unused puzzle pieces then you can make a fall puzzle tree. Just take your puzzle pieces and paint one side to resemble fall leaves, using colors such as yellow, orange and red. Take a sheet of brown construction paper and begin to crumple it up. Form that crumpled paper into the shape of a trunk and glue it down onto another piece of paper. Next, take your puzzle pieces and glue them on the top of the trunk with a few of the pieces arranged to look like falling leaves.

Pinecone Owls

If you live somewhere that’s surrounded by a variety of trees, then it’s most likely you’ll find just as much pinecones lying around on the ground as you would leaves which brings us to our next exciting craft. It’s time to make pinecone owls. These owls are so cute you’ll want to display them all around your home. Once you’ve collected a few pinecones, you’ll also need to get a couple pairs of googly eyes, orange or red pipe cleaners and orange or yellow cardstock.

Turn the pinecone either direction, with the bigger part down or up. Glue on the eyes, a piece of cardstock cut into a triangle for the beak, and the pipe cleaners which you’ve made into tiny owl feet and you’ve got your pinecone owl.

Rainbow Acorns

This project will involve a whole lot of paint; not necessarily in quantity, but rather variety. You’ll need any and all the colors you can find in the rainbow as well as a bunch of acorns. Take your paint and begin to paint the bottom portion of the acorns using a wide range of colors such a yellow, purple, pink, orange, red, green, teal, aqua and the like. Once the acorns are dry, you can use them as vase fillers, or to make jewelry such as acorn necklaces and bracelets, or glue them down on paper to make acorn art. The possibilities are endless.

Leaf Crown

Crown yourself the king or queen of your yard with your very own leaf crown. The cool thing about this project is that you don’t need anything, but the leaves themselves to make it. Maple leaves would be best for making the crowns because of their size and length of stem. When putting the crown together, all you’re doing is basically taking the stem of one leaf and weaving it in and out of another until you’ve connected enough leaves to fit the circumference of your head. Then you can stick additional leaves into the crown for added height and décor.

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