Easy Homemade Craft Ideas For Kids

Create little trinkets to help you remember your summer vacation with these easy homemade craft ideas for kids. You don’t need a lot of things to get started. All you have to do is let your imagination run free. Crafting is the easiest way to let the creative animal in your loose. Here are some wonderful crafting ideas that can help you make summer last a bit longer:

1. Vacation Jars

A large jar filled with trinkets you found during your vacation will make great ornaments for the home. You can have a jar to which has a little bit of everything you did during summer. Get a large mason jar and fill it with sand or soil until about a quarter of the way up. Get some nice blue or yellow beads or sequence and cover the top of the sand or soil. Fill your jar with photographs, souvenirs, postcards or other things from your summer vacation so that it looks like a 3D picture frame and seal the lid.

2. Nature Walk Bracelet

The next time you go to a park or beach, remember to bring a nature walk bracelet with you. Just get a short piece of cloth, about 2 cm thick and glue some masking tape on the other side. Make sure that the sticky-side of the masking tape is facing up. When you are at the park or beach, pick up little things that you can add to your bracelet. Pretty rocks, small flowers, feathers or shells will make nice charms. Once you are done with your walk, cover your bracelet with cling-wrap.

3. Simple Shell Wind Chime

This simple shell wind chime will help you remember your days at the beach, and it’s a great way to display the shells you have collected. Just get a short stick and tie the ends with two pieces of yarn. Connect the two pieces of yarn at the tips so that you have a triangle shape. Now, tie your shells onto the length of the stick, you can vary the yarn lengths so that more shells fit.

Which of these easy homemade craft ideas will you and your kids be creating this year?

If you are looking for more inspiration and homemade craft ideas for the kids then do take a look at this great resource:

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