Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

Are you looking for some easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers that will let them have lots of fun in the lead up to Halloween?

When it comes to looking for age appropriate crafts for younger children during Halloween, you might be surprised at just how many different Halloween crafts for toddlers are out there.

You can fill every day of the month of October with a project that features a kid-friendly Halloween theme. Some of these projects could be used to decorate your home for the upcoming events and others can become a part of your costume. Check out some of these craft ideas your toddler will surely love.

Painted Pumpkins

Put away the sharp tools and dangerous pumpkin carving kits this year. Instead, bring out the colorful paints and decorate your pumpkins in a manner that would make Picasso himself proud. Give your toddler complete creative control on how your pumpkins will look this year and encourage them to cover every inch of orange they see with bright colors, funny shapes, and one of a kind designs that only their little hands can create. Your Jack-O-Lanterns have never looked better.

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

The bad news is that all the restrooms in the house have mysteriously run out of toilet paper. The good news; now your toddler has another great Halloween craft that they can tackle using the empty toilet paper rolls. Transform your plain, brown toilet paper rolls into spooky creatures and monsters like a mummy, a ghost, Dracula, Frankenstein, a werewolf, or a smiling pumpkin. You can do this by using paint, markers, or crayons then add details with accents such as googly eyes, tissue paper, beads or stickers.

Q-tip Skeleton

Q-tips aren’t just for cleaning the inside of ears any more. Now you can use them to create an entire skeleton figure on a sheet of black construction paper. Feel free to cut them into different lengths when using them for the fingers or feet. Once you have all the pieces you need for your skeleton, glue them down onto a dark background so the bony figure really pops. If you can’t make the head of the skeleton out of the Q-tips then you can use a paper cut out of one instead.

Frankenstein Mask

This is a mask that your toddler will love wearing because it’s comfortable to have on, spooky but adorable looking at the same time, and it’s the result of their own hard work and creativity. For this project you need to take a bunch of different colored felt such as black, green and grey and start cutting out shapes to form Frankenstein’s head, hair and bolts. Glue all the pieces together then glue them onto a thick wooden Popsicle stick. You can also try this craft with other monsters such as Dracula or the Werewolf.

Paper Plate Spider

Spiders are scary enough, but when you have one the size of your head dangling down from the ceiling then that’s a whole other ballgame. Fortunately, these gigantic spiders are friendly and only made from paper plates. Along with black paper plates, you’ll also need eight strips of black paper in which you’ll fold into an accordion style, a pair of googley eyes and three small white triangles for the mouth and fangs. Use a piece of yarn or string and a paperclip with tape for easy wall or ceiling suspension.

If you are looking for more Halloween Crafts for Toddlers then do take a look at these great resources:

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