Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Do you need to keep your kids entertained and occupied with Christmas crafts during the winter break? If so then below are some fun and amazing easy Christmas craft ideas for kids that will get their creative juices flowing and hands busy crafting, allowing you to put up decorations and wrap gifts in peace.

Washi Tape Ornaments

There’s no easier way to decorate your Christmas ornament than with Washi tape. Gather together a few clear plastic ornament balls, fill the insides with punched out holes, glitter or Washi tape scraps, then decorate the outside using more Washi tape. Washi waiting for, start this project now!

Felt Garland

Felt garlands are easy peasy and every kid should try to make them. If your mom has a sewing machine then this could literally be a 5 minute project. Otherwise you can use a needle and a thread, or glue the felt pieces together or string them along the top. Hang them on your walls, suspend them from the ceiling or use them on doorways to act as curtains.

Christmas Finger Puppets

There’s nothing more entertaining than finger puppets and you can have as many as five on one hand (assuming you have five fingers). Using rolled coin tubes and felt, you can easily make puppets resembling Christmas Elves, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Reindeer, and last but not least, the big guy in red himself. They stand on their own when placed on a flat surface or you can transport them all throughout the house on your hand.  Throw a puppet show for your family and friends to enjoy.  Check out all the Christmas Craft Supplies you might need!

Popsicle Nativity Scene

This is one nativity scene your mom doesn’t have to worry about you accidentally breaking. It’s time to put all those Popsicle sticks you’ve collected over the months to good use and make your very own Popsicle nativity scene. All it takes are your Popsicle sticks, paint or markers, and glue. You can also turn this display into a cute hanging frame or an ornament by simply attaching a string behind one of the stick figures.

Gumdrop Wreath

Now wouldn’t this be the Christmas wreath that all sweet tooths would love to have hanging on their front door. While a gumdrop wreath may not be weather proof, it’s still a great craft project kids can do for short term (and preferably indoor) decorations. Because many know that it won’t be long until someone will start picking and nibbling at your wreath or until the gumdrops start attracting ants and other unwelcomed bugs. This project requires a Styrofoam wreath, toothpicks, a ribbon and gumdrops. A whole lot of gumdrops.

Christmas Crayons

Even your crayons can get a seasonal makeover and be turned into Christmas crayons. Buy Christmas molds from the store and melt your crayons in the oven to form Christmas shaped crayons like snowflakes, stockings, Christmas trees and more. For better and less messy results, opt for silicone molds which allow you to easily take out the melted crayons once they’re cooled.

Paint Swatch Gift Tags

Aren’t you glad you couldn’t decide on the shade of green you wanted to paint the living room? Paint swatches are available in any home department store, paint shop or home supply store. Not only are they easily accessible but they’re free too! Take some home with you today and turn those swatches into creative and colorful gift tags. Just cut the swatches in Christmas tree shaped cards, loop a ribbon through the top and add a little button or star bead at the top for decor.  Check out all the Christmas Craft Supplies you might need!


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