Doctor Who Crafts and Craft Ideas

If like me you are a big fan of Doctor Who and you love crafts then what could be better than combining your passions and creating some Doctor Who Crafts!

Doctor Who fans are undoubtedly an intelligent, creative and devoted bunch and there is an understandable desire amongst us to mix our craft-based hobbies with our love of the show in order to create something for ourselves or that special Whovian in our lives.

Whether you are skilled with a needle, paintbrush or icing bag, or simply want to try your hand at something new, there are plenty of projects to try. Sites like Pinterest can be a little overwhelming with the astonishing combinations of talent and fandom shown but you will be glad to know that there are some smaller, simpler Doctor Who crafts to try.

Doctor Who Needlework Crafts

Needlework is a fun, trendy way to combine a great craft and a love of Doctor Who.

There are two important facts we have discovered in recent years; bow ties are cool and needlework is cool. Knitting has recently come back into fashion in a big way and new converts are always looking for new patterns to try so why not search for a Whovian motif so you can knit geeky jumpers for your friends or try and recreate the infamous scarf worn by the 4th Doctor.

If knitting has become a little tiresome or you prefer a different type of needle, there are plenty of projects to try involving crochet, cross-stitch or embroidery. The beauty of embroidery is is that there is so much freedom for creativity, which means you can work on shoes, bags and household accessories like lampshades to turn them into a truly personalised gift, but there is also a level of detail that can be achieved that allows for quotations and Galifreyan lettering.

With crochet, you could try and create some cute little figures – there is no shortage of models with all the companions, regenerations and enemies that have come and gone over the years – and the Tardis is the perfect subject for a cross-stitched, alternative to the traditional “home sweet home” picture.

Doctor Who Craft Ideas With Paint!

If a needle is not your preferred tool, there are plenty of Doctor Who crafts that require a paintbrush.

Painting is arguably the ultimate way for an artistic soul to show their love for a fan of the show – or perhaps for their favourite Doctor – and it literally provides a blank canvas for creativity and imaginative designs based on the show. Capturing The Doctor or his enemies in oil is one way to go to create a conversation starter for the lounge or a thoughtful gift but you should not disregard the potential of using fabric paint or a tougher, household emulsion for an artistic project of a completely different nature.

There are plenty of Doctor Who t-shirts available to buy but why wear the same shirt as everyone else when you can stencil one with your own design. Depending on the level of fandom in your household, a Doctor Who mural or feature wall may be a step too far but you could always make minor editions to the décor such as Tardis-themed kitchen canisters.

Get Cooking and Baking For Your Doctor Who Crafts

Kitchen based crafts may not last as long but they are sure to be enjoyed by peckish fans.

There are many people that see the kitchen as a place for cooking, and food as something to simply be eaten, but a growing number are seeing the potential of turning baking into an artistic craft as much as a source of a tasty treat – and how many Doctor Who fans have been looking up soufflé recipes this season? Baking themed goodies is a great way of giving a gift to a fan – the way to a man’s heart being his stomach – or providing some snacks for a Doctor Who themed party.

If you are a little unsure where to start, some simple cookies are a great idea because you can ice them with your own designs or invest in some specially designed cookie cutters and food dye – you can always dig out the old angel shaped cutter from Christmas and make it weep!

Once you get more confident in the kitchen, you can get as creative as you want with cakes and desserts and create anything from some fake fish fingers in custard to an extravagant, tiered design that would be perfect for the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations. Of course, if you want to really get stuck into the Doctor Who theme, you could make yourself an suitable apron with fabric paint and embroidery to wear as you bake.

More Doctor Who Craft Ideas

Doctor Who crafts come in a wide variety of forms and there is such to be a style for every Whovian to enjoy.

The simple blue box of the Tardis would be a great shape to work with if you are trying to bake a cake but you should not stop there because this shape can be translated into a range of other materials and used to create plenty of household accessories. Paper craft is a great way of building a fun replica of a Dalek or Tardis but there are so many other ways of using paper and card to create something fun.

Popular concepts at the moment include recreating River’s journal and the Tardis tissue box cover – probably in anticipation of Matt Smith’s impending exit – but there is no limit to the possibilities once you get out the card and scissors. If card seems too easy, however, why not turn to modelling clay? Like crochet, the list of possible subjects is huge and it offers a new level of freedom and detail once you get the hang of it.

There are many different options available for anybody that wants to try some Doctor Who crafts, whether that means advancing a current interest, using your talents to create a gift for a Doctor Who fan or simply learning something new. From needlework and painting to baking and paper craft there is an unlimited range of projects to choose from because not only are there plenty of other fans eager to share their ideas, the show’s style means that fans will never cease to be inspired.

In summary any craft can be enhanced by bit of Doctor Who influence.


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