December Crafts for Kids

With December coming into sight let’s continue our Monthly Crafts for Kids with some December Crafts for Kids that you and the family will love.

Are the trees in your yard completely bare? Is it getting a noticeably colder outside? Have all the schools closed for winter break? If so, then you’re well into the month of December and while mom and dad are busy shopping, decorating, and cooking for the holidays, you can get busy with neat December crafts for kids like the ones below.

Mitten Garland

Help your mom and dad decorate the house with this bright and colorful mitten garland. You can hang them on the wall, fireplace mantel, in the hallway, on doors or even on your Christmas tree. Start off with a mitten pattern and cut several of them from different colored paper. Then cut out embellishments from the paper scraps and use them to add details to your mittens.

You can have stars, stripes, polka dots, and other fun shapes for decorating your mittens. Feel free to incorporate glitter, beads, buttons and the like for more pizzazz. Once you’re done making them look pretty, it’s time to attach the mittens to a string or a ribbon and choose a place for them to hang for the holidays.

Water Bottle Snowmen

This craft can work on any type of clear bottle with a cap and not just water bottles. You’ll also need cotton balls, different colored buttons, felt and black tape to complete the snowmen. Fill the bottles with cotton balls and screw on the cap once the cotton balls are packed in. Wrap the cap with the black tape until all parts are covered.

This will be the snowman’s top hat. Glue the buttons near the top to make its eyes and mouth. Cut a piece of felt into the shape of a carrot nose and scarf. Glue those on as well, wrapping the scarf just below the mouth. Finish it off by gluing more buttons going down the bottom, like it would on a shirt or a coat.

Packing Peanut Igloo

By now, you’ve probably already received a couple of early Christmas gifts from family and relatives from all over the globe. And there’s no doubt that a few of those packages came with packing peanuts; thus bringing us to our next project, packing peanut igloos. Create your own igloo with packing peanuts.

You can use toothpick in addition to glue for a better hold and more structure support. Use white paper at the bottom for your base and glue the igloo down so you’ll have a more stable and durable foundation.

Rock Penguins
So you have all these nice packing peanut igloo homes you’ve just built, but no one to live in them. Let rock penguins solve your problem. Collect a couple quarter sized rocks from your yard or the park and use black, white and orange paint to transform them into adorable little penguins. Once they’re dry, you can arrange them in and around their new igloo homes. All you need now is some fake snow and tiny candy canes and you’ve got yourself a mini winter wonderland.

Pasta Snowflakes

Ask your mom if you can have a few of her uncooked pasta for your next craft project. If she hesitates, promise her you’ll stay out of the kitchen and quit stealing the cookies when she’s not looking and she should agree. For this project, you want to use pasta that can be easily glued down and when arranged together, will resemble a snowflake. Some ideal pasta selections would include rotelle (wheels), ruote, rigatoni or penne, and gramigna (elbow macaroni).

Spray paint the pasta white before arranging them into snowflakes. Once they’ve dried, glue them together to form symmetrical shapes. Glue on some glitter or rock salt for added sparkle. Loop a string through one of the holes and you can use the snowflakes as ornaments for your tree.


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