Cute Homemade Gifts

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative and not just with decorations, but also gifts. Check out these cute homemade gifts you can make for family and friends that’ll make their jaw drops and officially crown you the queen (or king) of crafts.

Lollipop Christmas Tree

For a gift that’s both cute and sweet, the lollipop Christmas tree is a great idea. You’ll need the following items to complete the project: wood blocks, a wooden dowel, paint, glue for wood and a drill. There are plenty of tutorials online for creating a lollipop tree and you’ll even find that some use alternatives to lollipops such as cake pops or cookies on a stick. As long as your “ornaments” are sweet and yummy it really doesn’t matter what you use.

Washcloth Reindeer

This is probably one of the most adorable and unique ways to wrap up a gift and it’s so simple anyone can make it. Gather a few small bath items such as soap, bath fizz, tea candles or bath salts and place it into a brown washcloth. Fold the washcloth so that it completely covers the items and forms into the head of a reindeer; secure with a red ribbon. Add googly eyes and a mini red pom pom on one side for the face along with antlers made from pipe cleaners. Finish it off with a gift tag and you’re done.

Family Name Ornaments

Family name ornaments are perfect for the holidays, especially since it can be personalized. You can use traditional ball ornaments for this craft or something more modern like wooden frames. Paint the ornaments with different festive designs and add the name of each family individual onto them. Forming a loop, tie a ribbon on top so that the ornaments can be hung on the Christmas tree. Be sure to use bright and cheerful colors that’ll really make them stand out.

Snow Globe Jars

For this homemade gift you’ll need a mason jar with a screw on cap in any size. Decide on what you want to display in the snow globe such as a Christmas tree, a snowman, or any miniature figure related with winter and the holidays. Stick it to the interior of the cap using hot glue or super glue and let it dry over night. Once the glue has dried and you’ve boiled and cooled some water, pour it into the jar along with a few dashes of glycerin which helps the “snow” fall slower. There are a couple options for the fake snow, but glitter seems to be a popular choice and be sure to add plenty of it into the water. Glue the sides of the cap before twisting it back onto the jar. Wait 3-4 hours to let the glue completely dry off before turning the snow globe upright.

Hand Painted Reindeer Platter

Platters are very useful during the holidays especially if you’re the type of person who likes to cook, bake or host parties. But don’t just give any boring old platter to your friends and family. Put your artistic skills to good use and paint a well known Christmas character on it. It can be anything from Frosty the Snowman to Santa Claus or even Rudolph.

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