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I am delighted that LisaAuch who is well known in crocheting circles agreed to do a post for us about Crochet for Kids.

As we all know kids love making things, and love when adults spend quality time with them. It is even nicer when I can share my love of crochet with the kids. they love making things that do not take long to make, and are useful like this easy crochet coin purse. Or maybe it’s the pennies they leave within it, but no matter what, teaching children a craft like crochet that can be continued on for generations to come is worth it.

I find it easier to introduce them to the craft of crochet with a beginner crochet kit, that has everything they need to start. A crochet craft kit really is one of the best gifts you can give to a child who is eager to learn about crochet and being creative with yarn, and they are learning more than just a skill or encouraging them to develop a hobby.

Crocheting today is actually very trendy and many items are very modern. It is no longer just reserved for your nanas. Today you are as likely to see a young teenager picking up a crochet hook.

I have been asked several times to teach children How to Crochet. Most recent and my best student so far is my niece who is 9. And together we made the beautiful little coin purse. It is a very easy first crochet project for kids.

I keep a little basket filled with yarn ends and hooks just for visiting kids to practice with when they visit. The kids used to watch me mesmerized, as I would wiggle this stick several times and all of a sudden like magic make something appear. Crocheting is not just reserved for the girls either. Even my Nephew loves that I can make Super Spider Webs for his Spiderman costume out of a piece of string.

It looks an easy craft, but does take time and some concentration to learn, but crocheting is all about repetition, this is why it is also such a calming relaxing activity. And let’s not tell the kids just yet, but it is a great way of encouraging and developing their maths skills.

Like any young child they like to see quick results for their effort, and I try to get them to focus on a small project at first. Most people would assume a scarf would be an ideal project, but this is actually quite time consuming for a young beginner and they will lose interest quickly.

And when you just present them with a crochet hook and a ball of yarn, they struggle sometimes to visualize what it will turn into. Already feeling as though they are failing before they even start.

This is why I love the Crochet and Yarn kits that are available for giving to kids interested in learning crafts as the perfect creative Gift for kids.

Like one of my favorites the Colorbok Easy Crochet Fashion Purses

Products from

The kit consists of 115 yards of colorful yarn, 1 crochet hook, 1 button, beads and an easy step-by-step instructions. Also there is access to an online video tutorial for those visual learners. Making it perfect to get them started on their first project.

A simple coin purse is an excellent first project. These are fun and easy to make. They are made quickly and even if they start to lose interest it can be finished by the adult easily in minutes, and sewn together. And of course they love it even more when filled with a few pennies to spend.

I usually make a few small crochet flowers, and a looped handle to go round their wrists, for them to sew onto their little creation.

By the time a parent come to pick them up they feel a sense of accomplishment, that they can crochet a simple project, that they have made by themselves and are taking away to proudly show everyone what they made.

To be able to teach them a skill to pass on to another generation is great, but to see how proud they are of what they have made all by themselves is even greater.

How to Crochet a Simple Coin Purse for Kids.

I usually give the kids a 4-5.00mm hook as it is easy for them to handle. Double Knit Yarn (worsted) is a good thickness for these types of projects.

• Choose 1 stitch to complete a large rectangle.
• This will be folded over 3 times to make the purse.

It’s up to the individual how big they make this. I usually gauge it by how the child is coping, some manage to pick it up really quickly others, get frustrated, so just make sure its big enough to fold over and hold some pennies!

  • I like to start them off on the Foundation Row (Row of chains) and the first row of Chosen Stitch being used.
  • As they work up check their ends and I usually give them a little juice and cookie break whilst I shape the top, by increasing 1 stitch at each end until you are happy with the shaping create a button hole in the 2nd last row.
  • Fasten off your work.
  • Fold the purse into one third from the bottom to create the pocket. And stitch together if the child is able, using a large darning needle stitch the sides together.
  • Position button for front flap, and secure tightly.

For the wrist strap I crocheted 30 Chain holding 2 double strands of yarn together, and I attached this to the inside of the purse at the top of the side seam. The Kids can decorate the purse as they wish.

All that is needed now is for you to just add some pennies.

Other kits I would recommend which are ideal Crochet for Kids starter kits are:

You can find more about Lisa at her Free Crochet Patterns website and of course you will want to pop by and like her Facebook Page!

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  1. It is so nice to see crafting as a way to get kids involved with creating and working along with adults as entertainment rather than video games or violent movies. This activity strengthens the mind and makes them care about creating. I love your post and the love for kids I feel from it.

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