Crafts to Make at Home

What inspires many crafters to pursue their next project is usually the atmosphere that they’re in and if you’re a home body then your inspiration might come from the day to day things in your house in which you’re constantly surrounded with.

These could be every day, mundane item like a pillow or a candle. But when you add creativity and ingenuity to these items, you get a craft worthy project that’ll improve and brighten up any space they’ll occupy in the near future.

Here are some ideas on crafts to make at home. These crafts are not only fun to make, but you’ll be blown away at how easy they are to do. Check them out and let them inspire you today.

Sweater Pillowcases

Ever wondered what you should do with all those grandma sweaters your grandma knitted for you? Why not turn them into fashionably cozy pillow cases for your decorative pillows in the living room? They’re already soft and warm which is ideal for resting your head on or hugging. And you’ll be happy to know that they’re super easy to make, plus your pillows will no longer be cold at night.

Teacup Candles

What do you get when you put little teacups and candles together? Teacup candles of course. This is perfect for individuals who love candles and prefer coffee mugs over teacups. You can purchase super cheap tea cups at dollar stores or thrift shops or even garage sales. Then all you need to complete the project are some candle wicks, melted candle wax, and a few skewers to hold up the wick while the wax is being poured into the cup. These adorable candles would also make wonderful gifts to give loved ones on special occasions.

Year Round Wreaths

A great way to add pizzazz to your front door would be with a wreath. But not just any wreath will do; you want one that’ll pop and basically hypnotize anyone who walks up to your door with its awesomeness. Making a homemade wreath isn’t hard and allows for a whole lot of versatility.

Plus you can design them to where they would be appropriate to hang all year round, regardless of the season or holiday. Take this wreath for example; it features a neutral color but with a very unique design and it’s made from cardstock paper.

Framed Scrapbook Paper

So you’ve finally wrapped up your scrapbooking project and now you’re left with a whole bunch of scrapbook paper scraps and have no idea what to do with them. Turn your dilemma into a chic display and frame your scrapbook paper instead of just storing them in a box. Fortunately, scrapbook paper already comes in beautiful and unique patterns which make them perfect candidates for wall displays. All you need are some dollar store frames and you’re set.

Burlap Wall Organizer

Get organized and get crafty with some burlap and a frame. You can make your very own burlap wall organizer which can help you to sort out mail and store loose paper, notes, bulletins, pamphlets and the like. Label the burlap flaps with corresponding items or leave them blank for a catch-all function. Hang it on your wall or place it on a desk; whatever you decide works best.

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