Crafting OrganizationTips – Organizing Your Craft Room

Nothing can slow down the creative process more than being unorganized, and this is especially true when it comes to crafting. Whether you are knitting, beading, quilting or sewing, the benefits of an organized craft room can go a long way to more creative and production crafting experience.

Having your supplies all neatly organized will give you time to enjoy your crafting instead of needless time searching for each accessory you need to work with. This article will show you the benefits of organizing your crafting supplies in your room so you can get back to enjoying your favorite crafting projects.

To begin organizing your craft room, you first need to know exactly what you have. Begin by laying out everything craft related on the floor. Once you have all your beads, ribbons, boxes, string, buttons and yarn grouped together, you need to identify all the storage areas available in your room.

Desk and cabinet drawers, closet space, shelves and baskets on the floor, will all be utilized to create a working environment that will help you become much more productive.

You will be doing most of your crafting on a workbench, table or desk. This should be a comfortable place you work on or you will find it very difficult to be productive. The perfect height for a work station is approximately 36 to 39 inches. This will relieve strain on your arms, neck and back. Trimming the legs of a wooden table or adding extensions to the legs is a great way to insure your primary work station is comfortable for hours of crafting. Additionally a comfortable swivel or adjustable chair will add significantly to your comfort.

To begin organizing your craft room, purchase a bunch of clear plastic storage containers. These containers are perfect for storing dried flowers, pom poms, yarn, buttons, string, beads and small crafting accessories. You can then take a black marker and label each plastic container along the front side. These containers can be stacked on a closet shelf, or on the floor of a closet. These containers lock together nicely and can be stacked a half dozen high with no issue.

  • Larger plastic bins are a few dollars more and can be purchased at your local big box home center. These containers are perfect for large cloth materials, needle point materials and construction paper. Many of these containers can hidden under the bed or couch and allow you to hide larger items out of sight very easily.
  • If your crafting projects require the use of cloth materials, you can easily hang these materials on hangers and place them in the closet high out of the way. Purchase a few of the hangers that allow you to hang multiple pants on them, and you can easily organize your cloth by material or color on one hanger. Having the material hanging is easier to see and identify than placing in a flat plastic container, but both will suffice in our goal of organizing your craft room.
  • If your projects involve larger supplies like that which quilters work with, stopping by a garage sale and purchasing a dresser will definitely help organize your room. Many quilters prefer to keep there materials out of direct sunlight because of discoloration. Storing the quilts in dresser drawers or in the closet is a perfect way to organize and keep the materials safe.
  • Crafters accumulate quite a bit of materials, additionally they acquire many books on crafting. Purchase some cheap shelving and get all your reading materials off the desk, off the floor, our of the drawers, and place them all on the wall on your shelves. This will free up a tremendous amount of space for more of your crafting supplies.
  • A fishing tackle box or tool box is a fantastic was to organize buttons and beads or many crafting supplies that simply don’t fall into a particular category. You can organize all those little unique and oddball items in one box and simply slide it under your work station.
  • Purchase some glass or plastic clear vases at your local dollar store. These are a perfect way to organize your pencils, pens and brushes. No more rummaging through desk drawers for brushes and pencils, you will be able to clearly see all your tools instantly.

A clean and clutter free crafting room will allow your creativity to blossom. Instead of wasting time searching over and over for the same items, your freshly organized crafting room will keep you excited for many years to come.

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