Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell

When people shop for Christmas decorations or gifts in stores and malls they’re usually met with the same generic products that everyone else has filled their carts with, items that don’t meet their theme or criteria, or nothing at all because a wave of crazy Christmas serial shoppers have emptied out the shelves before they could ever get their hands on a single ornament.

For those of you who have always gone down the DIY route as far as Christmas decorations, knick knacks and specially made gifts, it’s time to use your talents for those who are down on their Christmas shopping luck.

Not only are you helping out these item-less individuals, but you’re also making some extra Christmas cash on the side which you can use to buy more money-making crafting supplies or that vintage designer dress you’ve been eyeing for months. Here are a few ideas on Christmas crafts to make and sell this holiday season that people will surely want.

Decorative Candle Holders

When it comes to lighting up the Christmas holidays many people turn to their string of lights, but there are those who still like the tradition and atmosphere of lit candles softly illuminating a room filled with loved ones.

Although it’s not enough just to light candles; people should light candles in style. Create decorative candle holders using pre-punched craft paper and glass jars, vases or votives. It’s a simple craft that results in beautifully displayed candles anyone will love to showcase in their home.

Christmas Fabric Gift Bags

Because not everyone has the time or the skill to wrap gifts in all sorts of fancy paper and frilly bows, these fabric gift bags are the perfect solution. People who purchase these don’t need to worry about wrapping paper, tape, or having the ability to fold and crease seamlessly.

You’ll be providing everything with these gifts bags which are made from festive holiday themed fabric, coordinating ribbons and attached gift tags. All they need to do is put the present in, tie the ribbon into a bow and write the name of the recipient.

3D Holiday Cards

The exchange of greetings cards during the holiday season is amazingly abundant with families, relatives and friends sending them near and far; filled with warm wishes, holiday cheer and even monetary surprises in some cases.

Everyone often browses the card section of the store for that perfect card they can send their loved ones and you can provide it with 3D holiday cards. If you’ve done scrapbooking or paper crafts in the past then this is the perfect Christmas project for you to make and sell. You’ll be making specially made cards that are beautiful, elaborate and unique which is just what people want.

DIY Christmas Snow Globes

Who doesn’t love flipping a snow globe upside down, giving it a little shake and turning it back right side up again just in time to see all those wonderful little flakes and flurries fall slowly to the ground. DIY Christmas snow globes are so easy to make and the end results are always so charming.

All you need are glass jars with lids, water, glitter and a decorative Christmas element such as an ornament or a homemade snowman figurine. They make wonderful décor and even better gifts.

Monogram Mugs

People need something to enjoy their hot cocoa and eggnogs in during this cold winter holiday, which is why monogrammed mugs are sure to sell like hotcakes. They’re practical, they’re adorable and they can be monogrammed with a name, dedication, date, initial or picture for that extra special personal touch. Even Santa himself wouldn’t mind drinking his milk from one of these.


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