Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

Need a solution for keeping your little ones busy while you go about your Christmas To-Do list with as little distraction and interruption as possible? You can’t go wrong with Christmas crafts for toddlers like the one we have below.

Mistle Toes

You probably won’t be able to find a more literal depiction of the word “mistletoe” than with this mistle-toes craft project. If your toddler loves to finger paint, then they’ll most likely love painting with their toes. Make mistletoes to hang above your doorway by using the footprint you make with your feet. Paint the bottom of your soles to your heels green to represent the holly leaves and your toes red for the berries. String a ribbon through the middle and hang it up for everyone to walk under.

Paper Plate Wreath

Kids can create their very own wreath to hang on the outside of their bedroom door. All you need is a paper plate with the center cut out, a ribbon for hanging and various types of decorative elements that can easily stick on the paper plate using craft glue. Your decorations can include bows, pom poms, glitter, jingle bells and any other item that’s lightweight, colorful and festive.

Paper Cup Bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells. What a great way to ring in the holiday cheer and Christmas celebrations. These paper cup bells are easy to make and can be used for decorations, ornaments, and the like. For this project, you’ll want to gather together paper cups, jingle bells, ribbons for bows and pipe cleaners. Paint the outside of the cup any color you want while adding glitter, writings with metallic marker, or any other shiny embellishment. Turn it over and poke a small hole at the bottom. This is where your pipe cleaner will be strung through which will enable the jingle bell to be attached.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

What’s more fun than decorating a Christmas tree? How about decorating a pinecone tree? This mini-tree project is perfect for the tiny hands that’ll be decorating them with an assortment of different colored pompom balls. The pinecone provides plenty of easy-to-glue platforms that make sticking the decorations on simple and fast. Your toddler will have decorated a dozen pinecone trees by the time you’ve finished just one regular sized Christmas tree.

Santa Hat

There are two ways you can make a Santa hat craft. One way is the 2D version which includes a red sheet of paper cut into a triangle while the other one is the more functional 3D version that involves a red sheet of paper folded to create a cone shape figure that children can actually wear on their heads. Either one will work and all your toddler has to do is decorate the trim of the hat and the top with white cotton balls which they’ll glue on using craft glue.

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