Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Once school is out for winter break, many children go about their days leading up to the big holiday celebrations by watching everyone else do all the work like decorating, wrapping the gifts and baking the goodies; all of which are preparations for Christmas. But no longer do they have to be bored bystanders while everyone else is having all the fun. Christmas crafts for kids are a great way children can get involved in getting ready for the holiday season.

Whether they’re making ornaments for the trees, placemats for the dining table, or decorative Christmas garlands to hang around the house, kids will be happy to be a part of all the hoopla going on in their home and will feel that they too made an important contribution. Or at the very least, they won’t have to sit around bored all day every day. The following are just a few Christmas craft ideas for kids that you might want your children to try out this Christmas.

Felt Christmas Tree

It’s a Christmas tree fit for a toddler or any other child who’s not allowed to be within five feet of their real Christmas tree which mom and dad worked so hard on and decorated with overpriced, fragile ornaments. This life size wall piece is all made from felt and features removable ornaments and Christmas tree décor as well as presents. All it takes are some scissors and glue and you’re set to creating your very own Christmas tree.

Baby Food Jar Snowman

This baby food jar is not filled with baby food, but rather sweet hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. It has also taken on a more snowman like appearance with a black top hat, a smiley face with “coal” eyes and a “carrot” nose, a red fabric scarf and two big buttons on the front. Your kids will love to give these away as gifts because they taste as good as they look.

Coffee or Hot Chocolate Cozies

Keep your drinks hot yet manageable with cozies. These cozies can be used for coffees, lattes, hot chocolates and any other hot drink people usually enjoy during the winter. They’re made from knit socks that have been cut at the ankles with the leg section being used as the cozie. Decorate them with buttons, felt, glitter and the like then place them over your hot beverages for burn-free handling.

Rudolph the Reindeer Cork

Ask your parents if they’ve saved any of the corks from wine bottles they’ve opened in the past and if they have then you’re in luck because now you can make Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cork. You can add details such as googly eyes, buttons, sticks and of course a red bead for his nose.

Felt Santa and Reindeer Napkin Rings

Have Santa and his reindeer join you and your family for Christmas lunch or dinner. Add a bit of festive whimsy to the table setting with these felt Santa and reindeer napkin rings. They’re easy to make and all you need are several pieces of felt and glue. Cut out a pattern of Santa Claus’s bearded face as well as that of Rudolph the reindeer’s head. Glue on details and attach them to felt pieces you’ve made into rings.

Indoor Snowflakes
Oh the magic of Borax. If you’ve yet to work with Borax then you might not be aware of its awesomeness. This craft will open your eyes to the amazing possibilities of this element that seems so scientifically mysterious and wonderful at the same time. You can create your very own snowflake with water, Borax, and a pipe cleaner shaped into a snowflake and suspending from a pencil via string or yarn. Submerge the snowflake into a water and Borax solution overnight and in the morning you’ll discover a frosty, icicle looking snowflake in place of what was once a fuzzy pipe cleaner.

More Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you are looking for some more fun and easy crafts for kids to do in the lead up to Christmas take a look at the following great resources:



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