Choose A Bead Craft Kit to Encourage Bead Crafts for Kids

If you are looking to encourage Bead Crafts for Kids then a Bead Craft Kit could be just the thing to get them started!

Beads are so much fun because you can create so many different things with them including necklaces, figures, earrings, and so much more. They’re colorful, they’re versatile and they make for great craft projects.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity that involves beads then check out these bead craft kits you might want to bring home.

Artterro Wire and Bead Art Kit

This bead art kit from Artterro allows you to create various sculptures using multi colored beads and wire. It’s the perfect activity for kids ages 7 and up. Included in the kit are an assortment of beads made from glass, wood and shells, colorful glass marbles and thick and thin wire. Make anything from mobiles to crowns, human figures and creatures and many more.

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Safety Pin Bracelets: Turn Ordinary Safety Pins into Extraordinary Bracelets (Klutz) [Spiral-bound] by Kaitlyn Nichols

What do you get when you combine safety pins and colorful miniature beads? How about hours of creative fun and awesome craft projects? This book lets you make a collection of dazzling jewelry with nothing but safety pins and beads. Inside you’ll find 12 bracelet designs that you can follow or that will inspire new ideas of your own. Included with the book are 325 safety pins in three sizes, over 1,000 colorful beads, 6 feet of silvery elastic cord and a customizable bracelet grid. With an open and shut packaging design, you’ll be able to keep all your materials organized and secured right within the book.

Perler Beads Ocean Buddies Fused Bead Kit

Create under the sea creatures with this bead craft kit. It features three sea creature designs which include an octopus, a fish and a dolphin. The pegboards can be used over and over again for several bead creations. Also included are approximately 2,400 multicolored beads, ironing papers and easy to follow instructions. This activity is great for children ages five and up. Take your fused creations and display them around your home or give them away as special gifts to friends and family.

Melissa & Doug Bead Bouquet

There’s nothing more relaxing then stringing together different colored beads that come in several fun shapes. With the Melissa & Doug Bead Bouquet you can create up to 9 different jewelry designs. The kit includes over 220 hand crafted wooden beads with heart, flower and butterfly decor and 9 color-coordinated cords. Make necklaces, bracelets or anklets to keep or give away as a gift to someone special.

Brilliant Bead Rings (Klutz) [Spiral-bound] by Anne Akers Johnson

These may not be diamonds rings but they’re just as pretty and making them is so much fun. The Brilliant Bead Rings craft kit has everything you need to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind beaded rings that you’ll be proud to wear and show off. The book contains 50 pages of exciting and creative ring designs along with easy to follow step by step instructions. You also get a sparkling palette of seed and special variety beads as well as flexible wire to create your rings.

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Are you going to emcourage Bead Crafts for kids with a Bead Craft Kit from this selection?

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