Cheap Craft Room Organization Ideas

If you or someone you know is an avid crafter, then you’re very familiar with the amount of stuff and crafting supplies that can easily get accumulated over time and numerous projects.

Fortunately there are cheap craft room organization ideas that’ll help any unorganized and messy crafter get their room back into a condition that’ll allow them to see the floors again and not constantly have to search for “lost” materials.

Pillow Case Baskets

Pillow cases are some of the most versatile things on earth and when you’re a crafter, they become an essential in your tool box. Not only can you make them into cute little dresses, bags, and other accessories and clothing, but they also make awesome baskets for keeping your crafting tools and other supplies. All you need are two embroidery hoops with one being the next size down from the other and a pillow case. Add a loop for hooks and you can hang them on your wall.

Toiler Paper Roll Pen Holders

And just when you thought you ran out of projects for all those empty toilet paper rolls you’ve saved up for the past couple of months, you realize your collection of pens, markers and other writing tools constantly go missing and don’t necessarily have a permanent home when not in use. That’s where your “rolls” come in handy. Tightly fit as many as you can into a decorated shoe box and voila, instant pen holders.

Tension Rods for Ribbons

Tension rods come in pretty handy when you’re looking for an efficient way to organize all your spools of ribbons. You can place them underneath tables, in shelves or cabinets and not only do they keep your ribbons neatly stored, but it also makes them highly visible and easily accessible. You can also use them for wrapping paper and other types of paper that comes in rolls.

Twine Cardboard Baskets

Have you yet to find the perfect sized basket for your bigger crafting items or maybe none of your store bought baskets fit the shelf below your desk? Solve your basket dilemma with DIY baskets made from twine and cardboard boxes. Since cardboard boxes come in all sorts of sizes and you can easily cut them down to your desired size, this project can be the solution for all your organizing needs. You can use shoe boxes, cereal boxes, boxes appliances or electronics come in, and more. Use a hot glue gun and wrap the twine around the outside of the box. You can add a liner or leave them as is.

Shower Caddy Turned Craft Caddy

If shower caddies can keep your bathrooms and showers organized then who’s to say they can’t do the same thing for your craft room? You can use the hanging caddies that usually go around the shower head and them on your wall or door knob. Or there are the standing caddies that are placed at the corner of the shower (or craft room) and feature multiple trays. Use the trays for paints, stamps, scissors or any other type of craft supply.

Plastic Bins with Style

You can never go wrong with plastic bins. They’re made for the crafty individual who’s got a lot of ideas in their head and just as much clutter in their room. But if you’re not too fond of the transparent, plastic look that most of these bins come in then no problem. All you need are some decorative paper and tape and you can transform your boring bin into a crafty creation.

If you are looking for more craft room organization ideas then do take a look at some of these craft room organizers

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