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Beach Craft Ideas

Our Favorite Beach Craft Ideas

There’s so many ways the beach can influence one’s creativity and if you’re feeling like doing a fun beach related project then there are plenty in store. You can never run out of beach craft ideas because inspiration is all around, especially if you live near or on the beach. Check out these great ideas […]

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Make Christmas Decorations - Crafting for The Holidays

Make Christmas Decorations – Crafting for The Holidays

So, you are wondering just why you should make Christmas decorations yourself at home, when it is always so easy to find eye-catching ornaments on sale every year. Maybe you just don’t feel you are creatively inclined or crafty enough to make the kind of decorations that will look good decking your halls or anyone […]

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Pinterest for Craft Ideas

Pinterest For Craft Ideas

Have you considered using Pinterest for Craft Ideas? What am I on about you may be wondering! Well, as I know from friends some people think they just aren’t crafty, and paint by numbers is about as creative as they can get. If you want to dive straight in then why not go searching Pinterest […]

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