April Crafts for Kids

April would have to be considered one of the most colorful months thanks to all the beautiful flowers, plants and trees that are in full bloom. Holidays and celebrations such as Earth Day and Easter also add to the vibrant festivities of the season. If you’re thinking of fun and exciting April crafts for kids that you and your family can do this month, then below are some great ideas for you to try.

Impromptu Easter Bunny

Whether you believe in the Easter Bunny or not, you can’t deny that the month of April just isn’t complete without him. And it’s kind of hard not to like a fuzzy white bunny that brings you candies and chocolates inside plastic eggs. Now anyone can be the Easter Bunny with this impromptu Easter Bunny mask. All it takes is a large Popsicle stick, some white pipe cleaners for whiskers and a large pink pompom ball for the nose. Assemble it all together and you’ll be looking like your favorite Easter Bunny in no time.

Luminary Earth Globe

There’s nothing like taking the time to appreciate our wonderful and fruitful planet and Earth Day gives us that perfect opportunity to do so. Pay homage to your home planet with this beautiful luminary Earth globe. Depending on the ages of your kids, adult supervision may be required since working with paint and mod podge can get a little messy. You’ll need an unused glass bowl and green and blue tissue paper for this project. Use the mod podge to stick the tissue paper unto the surface of the glass bowl to make it look like the Earth. Once completely dried, light a tea candle and place it inside for that luminescent glow.

Springtime Wreath

It’s springtime and there are plenty of gorgeous plants in bloom. It’s also a perfect time to adorn your front door with a colorful springtime wreath. You can make this wreath using egg cartons which you’ve cut and painted into pretty little flowers. You’ll be surprised as to how far a little paint can go into transforming something dull and brown into the likes of a blossoming flower. Plus your mom won’t have to worry about you picking fresh flowers from her coveted garden to complete this project.

Peek-a-Boo Chick

The Peek-a-Boo Chick is a great project for kids of all ages and it’s also an appropriate activity to do for the entire month of April and not just on Easter. Many of the materials used for this craft can be found in and around the home, office or your local art store. Be sure to have things like googly eyes, craft foam and brass fasteners on hand before your start making your chick and egg. Get creative and encourage everyone to come up with their own designs when it comes to the egg shell.

Stained Glass Cross

This project is a great way to learn about the meaning of Easter and why many people celebrate it all around the world. The two main materials you’ll need to create the stained glass cross are clear contact paper and tissue paper in many bright colors. You can stick the finished product onto your windows or tie a string through the top of the cross turning them into beautiful ornaments for hanging around the house.



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