Super Easy Holiday Craft Ideas for Kids

Holidays, kids and crafts naturally go together. They’re a perfect fit. Since most holidays have traditional themes and colors associated with them many of your crafting decisions are made. Red hearts and Cupid for Valentine’s Day. Eggs and bunnies for Easter; flags and red, white and blue for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July; pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls for Halloween followed by turkeys and Native American motifs on Thanksgiving. Christmas is a category unto itself.

For Easter kids love to decorate eggs, draw and build Easter bunnies out of felt or other materials. In the old days egg decorating was mostly coloring eggs with vinegar-smelling dye. Things have come a long way since then. Easter egg decorating kits give you so many more options than you had in the past. You can even turn hard eggs into colorful, soft, bunnies with kits that include all the pieces and complete instructions.

Craft kits are a fairly easy way for busy parents to get the kids started on projects for the holidays. Also important are holiday craft idea books. Let’s face it, you as a parent, often have tremendous demands on your time. Sometimes the ideas just seem to dry up. Books provide craft idea inspiration. Many list detailed step-by-step instructions and complete material lists for specific holiday craft projects. You deserve a break. Make it easy on yourself and give your children holiday projects they’ll enjoy making.

Another advantage of idea books is many of them focus on using items you already have in your home. Things like odd scraps of paper, poster board, markers, pencils and crayons. Things left over from other projects should always be saved. They can come back to life in ways you’ve never thought of.

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