Best Craft Kits For Boys

Are you looking for craft kits for boys? Do you need a fun activity for a rainy afternoon, a snow day or summer break? You may not Craft Kits for Boyswant art and craft projects filled with pinks and purples or flowery designs, but boys do enjoy creating different types of crafts.

Whether you need an alternative activity to video games, or one that will pique the curiosity and imagination, you’ll find a great variety of craft kits for boys.

Projects can be both educational and fun. Building projects are good for eye-hand coordination and small motor manipulation. If your boys are older, you may find they want a challenging craft, such as kits with more intricate pieces.

Before deciding on a craft project, think about your child’s age, interest, and temperament. Find kits that are age-appropriate, so they don’t get frustrated with trying to complete something beyond their development.

If they enjoy playing outside and getting messy, think of projects that will complement their outdoor activities or crafts that will offer similar messy projects inside.

How long is his attention span? If you know he likes to work on projects in short time frames, then choose a craft that lets him finish in stages.

As with any project you choose, these craft kits will give boys a sense of accomplishment, strengthen their artistic talents, and provide hours and hours of fun!

Autobot Workshop

You can’t go wrong with a craft kit that combines Transformer Autobots and Play-Doh!

Kids can mold their own Autobot vehicles with Play-Doh, then have fun racing and playing with their favorites. They’ll enjoy transforming colorful dough into a vehicle or figure — all with easy-to-use molds.

This kit is good for kids 3 years and older. It includes 4 cans of Play-Doh in different colors, and a variety of molds, tools and scrapers.

Autobot Workshop Autobot Workshop
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My First Sticky Mosaics® Vehicles

This is award-winning line of craft projects offers a fun and educational craft kit for boys 3 years and older. Designed with preschoolers in mind, the pieces and instructions are easy to follow.

Your boys are sure to love creating 5 mosaic vehicles, such as a train or plane!

The mosaics are sticky, foam tiles, which are easier for little ones to use. The kit includes decorate-by-the-number designs, which helps kids’ number and color recognition.

Your child will be able to create 5 vehicle designs with over 1000 mosiac, foam files in various colors and shapes. Once the masterpiece is finished, you’ll be able to hang it on the wall with the included wall hangers.

Dinosaur Paint & Play Set 1

Practice your artistic skills with some paint, a paint brush and dinosaurs? That’s right dinosaurs! This painting kit is a great project for kids who love to paint and loves anything that has to do with dinosaurs.

The kit includes two paint brushes, six water based, non-toxic paints and 4 different dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon and a Pteranodon. Be creative, be colorful and most of all have fun.

Alex Toys Shrinky Dinks – Cool Stuff

Shrinky Dinks are a popular craft for kids of all ages. This set includes cool shapes, such as planes and rockets, perfect for little boys’ imaginations.

The kit is good for kids ages 5 and older. The pre-cut shapes reduce any potential frustration, and the pre-printed patterns are ready for coloring. The shapes can be heated in a small toaster oven or a traditional oven.

This craft kit also includes colored pencils, pipe cleaners, and magnets for everything you need to create and finish these cool projects.

A great way to spend an afternoon with your boys!

Design Your Own Real Football Kit

When it comes to all things boys, footballs would definitely be considered a boy toy. With this craft kit you can make and design your very own football.

The kit comes with a hand-sewn football which you would inflate with the air pump. Kids get to decorate it with whatever color, design or logo they want using the included 6 non-toxic paints, paint brushes and instruction sheets. Once the paint has dried, you can take it out and play with it outside.

This craft project also makes a great idea to give to dads, brothers, grandpa’s, or even coaches.

Mind Crafts Boy Scouts of America Anywhere Guitar Activity Kit

Making musical instruments can be a very fun and educational craft. With this set, your kids will learn how they can create a guitar by using everyday objects you can find around the home.

These simple materials are converted into the mechanics of a guitar which you will be able to tune and actually play. Included in the set are nylon chords, a guitar bridge, a tuning plate and tuning pegs.

Use the easy to follow illustrated instructions to guide you along the way. You’ll be making beautiful music in no time at all.

Crayola Marker Airbrush Set

Crayola Marker offers an innovative craft kit with this airbrush set. Kids can turn ordinary markers into airbrush spray art. Your boys can create their designs on paper, clothes, and windows.

The kit includes the airbrush sprayer, 8 washable markers, 4 fabric markers, stencils and 20 sheets paper. It will also work with broadline Crayola markers. And even better news — it’s completely kid-powered, so you don’t need to buy batteries!

It’s easy to use. Simply place a marker in the sprayer, pump it up, and spray! While it’s not entirely mess-free — it is a sprayer after all — it is easy to cleanup. Use paper towels to wipe off the sprayer, and the markers are all washable.

The kids can use the sprayer to create their own artwork, or they can use one of the 4 included stencils. Each stencil is theme-centered, such as a water theme with sharks, jellyfish and crabs. The space stencil includes rockets, stars, and planets.

A fun craft for your son to unleash his artistic talents!

Alex Build and Roll – Robot

Who’d ever think that you could build an actual robot with cardboard? Well you can and this Build & Roll robot kit will show you how. It includes everything you need for a giant rolling robot.

The kit comes with precut cardboard shapes, plastic nuts, bolts, wheels and eyes, a plastic screwdriver, 30 decorative stickers, 6 colorful markers and easy to follow instructions.

The finished robot measures 1 inches tall and 9 inches wide with a depth of 7 inches. It’s a great craft project for any time and day of the week.

Angry Birds Super Value Kit

Based on the popular video game, Angry Birds, this craft kit will spark your kids’ creativity and imagination.

This mega kit includes plenty of projects for kids to color: 4 posters, 2 frames, 2 cards, 2 envelopes, 2 sticker sheets, and an 18-page coloring book.

With over 150 pieces, your boys will find everything they need for hours of fun: 6 supertip markers, 3 temporary tattoo sheets, 2 color sticker sheets, and 2 velvetbrite posters.

Which of these great Craft Kits for Boys will you be buying?

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