Easy Homemade Crafts For The Holiday Season

The Holidays are fast approaching, and it’s the right time to start crafting. You can decorate your home with these wonderful Easy Homemade CraftsChristmas themed easy homemade crafts. Start getting creative and let your kids help in decorating the house with these wonderful Holiday crafts.

1. Christmas Coasters

If you have plain cork coasters lying around, you can jazz them up a bit and give them a holiday theme. Paint the coasters red or green. Once these are dry, you can use bits of lace as a stencil and spray paint some gold, white or silver on the coasters. Try spray-painting the lace in a way so that it would look like snow-flakes. Peel the lace off, and let them dry. in less than an hour, you’ll have beautiful and easy Christmas coasters ready for using.

2. Holidays In A Jar

You can make snow globes (or jars) without water. All you will need are some mason jars, pine cones painted green, fake now and silver glitter. You can decorate your pine cones and add some bead ornaments and a shiny star. Glue these on the lid of your mason jar. Fill the jar with fake snow and glitter, then close the lid. Turn them upside down for fun and easy Holiday ornaments. Get your kids to help you make these easy homemade crafts for more fun.

3. Disco Christmas Balls

A lot of people have extra CDs or broken ones lying around. You can put these to good use by breaking them into little pieces, about one to three inches in size. Glue them on clear Christmas balls, with the shiny side up, and give them a mosaic effect. Don’t worry about holes peeking through in between the CD pieces, these cracks give them a nice effect. Once you are done, you can decorate your tree or your home with these easy disco Christmas balls.

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  1. Lesley September 28, 2013 at 12:14 am #

    Mason jar gifts and decor is very popular this year. I think something in a mason jar would be a good homemade Christmas gift idea.

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