Simple Craft Projects for the Weekend

Are you looking for some simple craft projects for the weekend? Then the simple craft ideas here which you can do in a weekend are Simple Craft Projectsgoing to be perfect for you!

Why does everyone love simple craft projects? Because hard craft projects make you feel like a kindergartener who can’t color within the lines. Also, projects that are super easy to do but only appear to be “complicated” make you look like an impressively skilled craft expert.

Below are a few simple craft projects that you might want to try out yourself. The results will definitely wow your friends and family members who never thought you had a single creative bone in your body.

Converted Drawer Jewelry Box

For those who need more boxes to house their jewelry and fewer drawers for socks and undergarments, this craft will definitely solve all your problems. Convert an unused drawer into a jewelry box that you can suspend on your wall just like book shelves.

Screw in additional knobs and hangers on all three sides to accommodate necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry. You can also use the inside for other accessories like bangles, sunglasses, earrings and the like. Paint a design or pattern on the outside of the box for more flair.

Clothespin Flag Wreath

Display your pride in your country with a DIY clothespin flag wreath. All you need to put together this patriotic piece is a wooden hoop like the ones used for embroidering, enough clothespins to fill the entire circumference of the hoop, and paint that coordinates with your country’s flag colors.

First plan out your flag design onto the clothespin then paint them on. Once they’re dry, arrange them onto the hoop to make sure the clothespin correctly configure the flag design. When you’re sure everything looks right, you can secure the clothespin with a glue gun or super glue. Hang your finished product on your door or wall.

Framed Button Cupcake

If you like framed pictures, but aren’t specifically fond of your own photos then it’s time for you to start getting crafty with paper and buttons. Create cute paper crafts using materials such as buttons, beads, gems, and the like for a 3D effect. This button cupcake is a great example of just the many adorable things you can create with the items on hand.

Once you’re done, cut it down to size so it’ll fit any of your picture frames. Not only do they make great wall displays, but you can also personalize them for gift giving to family and friends.

Painted Plant Fossils

Create your own plant fossils with clay, several types of plant leaves and an assortment of paint. This is a fun and simple project to do if you’re looking for something to pass the time or if your hands are itching to do something artistic. Another useful tool for this craft would also be a rolling pin so that you can efficiently create the plant imprints onto the clay without leaving any fingerprints. Once the clay hardens, the leaf prints are ready to be painted.

Tiled Mirror

Anyone who sees your tiled mirror display will be begging to know at what overpriced furniture store you bought it at when in fact, this easy-to-do project can cost just around $10 to recreate. You can find all the supplies you need for this craft at thrift dollar stores or craft stores.

A few of the items might already be somewhere around your home, ready to be used. This tiled mirror makes a wonderful wall display and can be placed in any room of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between.

Looking for more simple craft projects?  Then take a look at these easy craft ideas and resources:





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